Friday, August 01, 2008

ain't they grand?

These are some of my buds. Most of our children are close in age, and we have seen the joys and struggles of our fellow parents here. I'm happy with how our kids are turning out, and yet I think I understand why some animals eat their young.


It is written that children are a gift from God. That is certainly true, but my personal opinion is that grandchildren must be a reward for not giving up when our children drive us to the edge of insanity.


The other night, we picked up someone else's baby, and I didn't mind at all that she soaked my collar and sleeves in baby drool. I held this tiny girl and didn't want to put her down. I would do just about anything, just to make her smile... or laugh. Oh, a baby's laugh! Is there anything in the world that can compare?!


Anonymous said...

wonderful post!

lime said...

i love that candid collage and babies, even when drooling, are so special.

Shammickite said...

Oh yessssss! And soon you'll have your own baby grandchild to drool all over you.
Those folks look like a great bunch.... nice pictures of them all.

Anonymous said...

I think indirectly you are preparing yourself for your grandchild. :)

And it feels so great & grand !!

orneryswife said...

The only thing that comes close is kissing their downy soft heads!

donsands said...

"..but my personal opinion is that grandchildren must be a reward for not giving up"

I don't think I have gained a reward with my 3 grandsons, but in spite of me, the Lord's graciousness has allowed me to experience this most awesome joy.
And it's a special joy.

May the lord bless you Craver, and your family with much fruit for His glory. Amen.

Carletta said...

I just got back from visiting my Grandbaby and this so speaks to my heart right now - I'm so glad God rewarded me.

Looks like a nice bunch of buds!