Wednesday, August 06, 2008

inching ahead

One inch forward...

two steps back.

Tuesday night was supposed to go something like this: I get home from work, have dinner, leave early for prayer meeting, stop at the local park to see if my soccer site is still available, go to bed around 10.


Instead... My son called me out back to show off his new caterpillar friend, so I took pictures. The refrigerator broke, and we shopped in vain for a replacement, then the dog got skunked. I had to skip prayer meeting and never scouted that field. Exhausted, I finally plopped in the sack at midnight. (sigh)


I wonder if my Mrs. found a new refrigerator. I wonder whether that caterpillar is still munching leaves or has become bird food. I wonder... zzzzz...


dot said...

I really like this shot. The colors are gorgeous! Sorry you had such a bad day.

mommanator said...

love the pic, although you didn't have such a great day you took time to"be still and know he is GOD"

lime said...

i'm glad you stopped to reflect on a caterpillar. sometimes things like that help me.

Jules~ said...

oh my...I don't know which is worse...the refrigerator or the skunked dog. Yikes. But I keep going back to that little caterpillar. What a cute little thing resting and eating in peace, despite all the crazy things of life, a creation unique and individual from God.
I pray that today is a better day for you.

Craver Vii said...

I appreciate those sentiments, Dot. At the end of the day though, those events were not bad enough to ruin my Tuesday. I liked the caterpillar shots and Sky Watch photo I got out of it. :-)

God is good, Mommanator. I hope I can get that message across despite all the silly babbling I am prone to do.

And reflect I did, Lime! As it turns out, I was wearing a white shirt that afternoon! That helped preserve some of the color under the compromised light. But that's not what you meant, was it?

The refrigerator Jules. Definitely the refrigerator. The Pepe LePew was just icing on the cake. That caterpillar was one fuzzy inch of grace... more than I deserved, but exactly what I needed.