Monday, October 13, 2008


I took D2 to a pet supply store this weekend and walked right up to a big, beautiful bird that seemed to want attention from me. I have never been good with birds, and it is much easier to generate fondness for almost any other creature, but something happened on my last visit that made me want to say hello to this fella.


Last time I saw one of these big birds, it was moving back and forth, making noise and trying to make somebody notice it. I stood close by, just watching it. A store worker told me that it wanted to be picked up, held and stroked, the same way I might handle a cat. I thought for sure the bird's body language was saying that it was restless and felt like biting somebody. But there is just a smidgeon of adventurous spirit in me, so I picked it up, and I'm telling you that the only catlike element missing was purring! It liked to be rubbed all over its neck--front, back, sides! How strange is that? Plus, it would touch me with its beak, and at first, I thought it might bite, but found that these were just gentle kisses. What a pleasant surprise. I never considered myself a bird lover, but this was an experience that could grow on me.


Now back to this weekend. I put my hand near the cage, and this manic razorbeak lunged at me! I nearly jumped out of my skin! Okay, so you don't want to be my friend... I get it. Moving along.


Well, we came to an open area with medium-sized birds. A pretty, green one starts doing the "hey, look at me" routine. I spoke softly, and brought my hand near. Palm-down, because they like to do little kisses. YEAH, RIGHT!! This one bit me right on the knuckle. I shoulda let it have all the rest of the knuckles, too! (shaking fist)


What am I saying?! I would never punch a bird. Seriously. Birds are not for punching. Choking? Maybe. Stupid bird. I had enough. I left that part of the store, and went to the fish section instead.


mommanator said...

just don't go near the pyrana! Sounds like creatures like to EAT you!

Anonymous said...

i spent some of my morning chasing birds out of our small vineyard.
i am not feeling all that great about certain birds right now either.

Anonymous said...

did you put your head under the water to get a kiss.loved the film birds.sorry.

Mary said...

Parrots were the one animal that Steve Irwin was actually scared of and would shake around them, though he still held them. He said he would always get bit by them, and therefore, he was always very nervous with them. I found it rather amusing. :)

Shammickite said...

I guess birds are like people, some want to snuggle and be friends, but the majority want to take a bite when you're not looking!

Craver Vii said...

You ain't kidding Mommanator! I held a puppy there that thought I was a chew toy.

I like birds Nancy. I like them far away. (Except for pictures.)

(laughing) No, I didn't Alan, but if I ever do, you'll be the first to know. ;-)

Crikey Mary, who'd-a thunk such a thing?!

Yup. Just this weekend Shammickite, I got one of those people bites. (Not from anyone here.) I guess I'm enough of an egomaniac, that I sincerely cannot understand why a person (or bird) would not like me.

Pernille's ting og tang said...

I dont like birds in stores. I like them in the sky.

I promisided you that I would show you the houses with grass-roof. No they are at my blog. If you want to see:)

Have a nice evening:)

Louise said...

Fish are SO much more cuddly and loveable!

Love your flowers below.

And the hamster? I'm not going to knock you on that. I have never even heard of the movie you listed as being #1 in America!