Tuesday, October 21, 2008

seeing clearly

[This photo is from the front parking lot at church. I got the blurry effect by doing a double exposure.]


Last night, I discussed music with a friend. He spoke of a man with remarkable talent. That guy could listen to a song, and be able to crisply identify the parts that the singers are doing in harmony. That has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. My wife does a nice job blending harmony, but I can't see those parts clearly enough, nor can I reach all the notes the way I would like to. But boy, you get me alone in a car with the windows rolled up, and a Billy Joel song on the radio, and look out! It doesn't matter that I'm fuzzy in this sphere of talent; I love to belt out my blurry tones regardless!


Speaking of perspicuity (clarity), there was one area where this came to me in a remarkable way. Reading the Bible used to be about as interesting as going through owners manuals and warranty papers. When the Lord drew me into a right relationship with Him, that is one of the first changes I saw in my life. Studying Scripture was more like reading an interesting letter from a friend, and so much clearer than ever before. That has nothing to do with any talent on my part, but rather the work of the Holy Spirit.


As for owners manuals and warranty papers, they're still dull and murky.


hennhouse said...

I love Billy Joel, too. And I can't carry a tune, either. And I love how the Bible came alive to me when it was no longer on my "to do" list and became something I longed to or couldn't wait to do.

Great post.

L.L. Barkat said...

Perspicuity. Sounds scary. :)

mommanator said...

Ah yes, clarity of mind and spirit! whew cant ask for much better than that!

mommanator said...

Dont know if I like this pic. I have trouble looking at!

Andrea said...

Strange picture. Interesting though.

Mona said...

Holy books are a miracle. they stand good for all the times & inevitably bear the signs & solutions to approaching your problems!

Love the blurry effect picture. It sort of 'echoes' the tree! :)

Eve said...

"mommanator said...

Don't know if I like this pic. I have trouble looking at!"

I have to agree-not that I don't like it, it's just that I need glasses to see in the distance and this pic makes me feel like I can never focus :)

Craver Vii said...

Ugh... when I look too long at that picture, I get a little woozie myself.