Friday, February 13, 2009

navel academy

Ha!! I may have a new subject for a series of photographs. Do you know how, when you open a new tub of butter, that it has a swirly "belly button" in the middle? That just looks so neat! What else is like that, besides butter? I'd love to hear your suggestions for other photogenic foods.


This here is a fun combo of peanut butter & jelly. I am told that there is a big difference between the generic brand and this one: Goober. What kind of marketing genius decides that "goober" is a desirable name for anything edible?!


This stuff will tear apart a regular slice of bread, but Ignore the brand name and spread this stuff on warm toast. Mmmm...


How neat are you about how you make sandwiches? I can't stand to bite into the crust and find that the good stuff wasn't spread all the way to the edges. When I make mine, a generous scoop can be placed anywhere on that slice, and starting from where it is at, I spread it out to cover the rest of the bread. That's a good life lesson. Start where you're at, and work your way to the edges. Too often, people want to go right to the extremes of their work or ministry, but we should not be too hasty. Take the Gospel to the ends of the earth, but start wherever you're at. Yeah, I like that.


I'm a little hungry now. Bye.


mommanator said...

I'm like that too esp with peanut butter and theology! greta analogy btw

lime said...

lol, i am a bit OCD about sandwich construction. the PB and J must reach all the way to the edges.

good analogy too. the gospel of penant butter ;)

Every Square Inch said...

" but Ignore the brand name and spread this stuff on warm toast. Mmmm..."

Not sure I can do that with a brand like Goober... I'm sure their head of Marketing is a brilliant guy but I'm puzzled by their marketing approach...perhaps next we'll see a tagline like "new and improved with Salmonella"?

Craver Vii said...

Mommanator and Lime, I guess I was in "dad" mode when I wrote that. You know, finding a lesson in everything. That happens when I start with a picture, and add the words later.

"Salmonella" as a promotional gag? Believe it or not, that has already been taken, ESI. There is a radio cooking show with that name. Husband and wife team Sam and Ella are based out of New Mexico. This Goober stuff is great for snacking... seriously.

Shammickite said...

peanut butter and jelly, YUK! It's hard enough getting used to peanut butter on it's own.... must be cos I never had it in England as a child. Peanut butter was something Americand ate, not good British children.