Tuesday, March 17, 2009

tropical temps

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We had amazing weather on the last day of our Florida trip. I wish I had worn a hat and taken water, because my unpreparedness left me with a headache. But it was beautiful nonetheless, and I took photos for you. The first, is a palm tree in the park, where we let the kids play before the long drive back. The next photo is the longish bridge between the park and a lake. That bridge was just a few yards over swampland. There was a nearly dried creek that had a winding groove that I imagine could have been left by a meandering alligator. I didn't spot any of the toothy reptiles, but this last photo suggests that I might have guessed correctly. I wasn't afraid. I was rather hoping that I could have spotted a 'gator, so that I could snap a pic. The closest we came to any danger was poison ivy. (I got a good pic of that, too.)


But we're having one of those days up here, where it's dangerous to allow employees out of doors, because they just might succomb to the temptation to play hookie. I stepped outside at lunchtime, and right here, it's 70 (21° C), sunny and breezy with the barometer dropping. This is pretty close to ideal for me! If I had a kite in the car, I would have taken off running for the closest open field!


lime said...

it's surprising to me that people need to be told not to entice alligators...then again people in my neck of the woods need to be told not to entice bears so i guess it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing part of your trip!

i like palm trees.

mommanator said...

lovely pics,
I am so jealous of the weather where you are!@ here in MD the warmest it got was 50! but we are supposed to have a splendifferous weekend!

imac said...

Super shots - my friend.
I feel I have more time to visit more peeps now.

Have you seen the Red Devils?

Craver Vii said...

Lime, ain't that the truth!

Nancy, this was the first time I got a close look at palm trees, and I noticed that the newest fronds are frightening, rigid spikes. I expected that they would be softer.

Mommanator, I'll stand outside with a big board and fan our nice weather Eastward; how's that?

Imac, cool cartoon! No, I haven't seen them; are they lost? Who or what are the Red Devils? Btw, I like the pictures you took of the water turning into gems.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone!

Carletta said...

Hmmm...entice alligators...nope, never would have thought of doing that! :)

Jules~ said...

Oh boy...the thoughts of seeing a gator gives me goose bumps. A friend of mine went on a tour in Floridaa few years back. They were warned when they were in the gator area to not leave the bus because an alligator can run something like 40 miles an hour. Well that sounds kind of crazy. maybe I don't remember the number correctly. I jsut remember that the tour guide said people would be over taken way too fast for the guards to do anything about it.