Thursday, April 30, 2009




The young helpers have been dropped off after Food Pantry night, and the Craver minivan waits for the corner light to change. Presently, my light turns green, but there is no one else waiting to turn at this lonely intersection, so I sit motionless for a few seconds. I sit arrested by an unusually stark vision. The cross traffic's red signal and some tail lights illuminated this tree in such an unnatural way that it forced me to pause and take notice. I have observed this numerous times, but I finally stopped to capture it.



Same tree with a green traffic light and after fiddling around with post editing.


Mona said...

that is interesting!

Anonymous said...

that's pretty sweet

mommanator said...

the burning bush ya think!>

donsands said...

I wish you got a photo of it when the light was amber.

Just kiddin'. Nice pics and post.

Craver Vii said...

Hi Mona! Interesting is the puzzle you pose at your own blog. I love those kind of challenges.

Thanks, nAncY. They look better if you click to enlarge the photo. They would have looked better still, if there was less wind that night.

Burning bush? Now why didn't I think of that, Mommanator? Very clever!

You know, Sandman. I tried. The long exposure and short light beat me. ...but I tried!

imac said...

Think I would just sit there and stare, how intriguing, and wonderful shots.

Pop and meet - People from St Ives.

Shiloh Guy said...


You are obviously incredibly talented with a camera. That is a gift that I think you could come out here to lovely, downtown Shafter and use for the advancement of New Hope Community Church! We could use you!

donsands said...

"You know, Sandman. I tried."

Cool. maybe next time bro.

Craver Vii said...

Says the master to the novice, Imac. It would be a neat learning experience for me if I could just follow you around during an event, trying to see things the way your trained eye sees things.

Thanks Shiloh Guy. Mostly I just look at things that Imac and other gifted people have done, and it makes me wonder if I can take enough pictures to stumble upon a thing or two that I like. Believe me, if I had a real opportunity to visit you at Hope, I'd be happy to serve the Lord for and with a brother such as yourself.

lime said...