Thursday, May 28, 2009

forced rest

[click on image to embiggen]

It is not easy to keep a nice lawn in front of the house, but I love doing it. Yesterday, the doctor expressly forbade me from mowing the lawn. He smiled, like he thought he was doing me a favor. There are times when we all must accept help, but I really enjoy taking care of the front lawn myself. There is a sense of accomplishment, when I see that the grass is happy and has straight edges. Some you will get it, but most people think I'm weird... that's okay.


This week, I will need to trust someone else to cut the grass for me. He will probably not cut it diagonally, the way I like it. I alternate angles between mowings. He will probably not take extra care around the edges, and there will likely be scalpings along the mulched edges. (wince) Sometimes, when I ask my kids to cut the grass for me, it does not get done on the same day. If so, I must wait. I hate taking too long between mowings.


Thanks for letting me vent. (sigh) I need to think about something else. Who knew that resting can be such hard work?!


Btw, that dandelion shot was done with a macro setting, using flash and a polarizing filter, in case anyone wanted to know.


mr. dave said...

my pastor frequently says he worships God with the yard work can be good for your health..and your soul!

Anonymous said...

it is hard to accept help on the things we like to be doing our selves...i agree.

glad to see the photo...keep taking those pictures.

imac said...

I like the dandylion too, but must confess, I dont like gardening, but have to do some, I find photography much more soul searching.

Halfmom said...

actually, I totally understand. I really miss being able to cut my own yard - it was therapeutic.

how was your blood pressure?

donsands said...

My wife yelled at me the other day when I blew on one of those dandelions. "You're going to dig up every one of those dandelion weeds!", Patti firmly stated.

I'm like, "What!? I just blew these cool things that float around, I don't know?"

I'm glad you're recovery seems to be going good Craver.
You'll be back cutting grass in no time.
But, don't over do it bro.

Shoebee said...

I completely understand about the therapy of cutting a lawn. There's nothing much better than the complete satisfaction of seeing all your hard work come to fruition in front of your eyes. It's so relaxing, so theraputic. Just relax though, you don't need to bust a stitch or instead of a few weeks being down it will be a few months....and if that happens, you'll miss out the entire season.

Daniel said...

I am one of the people that would prefer to be doing something other than mowing the lawn.

My lawn tends to overgrow as I procastinate mowing it as much as possible.

Your excitement rubbed off on me though! I had never looked at this job quite the way you put it. Your explanation was more of a recipe for something that would satisfy.

Who ever thought lawn mowing could bring a sense of satisfaction, but you are right, it can!

The next time I mow the lawn, some of your tips will prove useful.

mommanator said...

Get a grip Craver, you will be mowing it all too soon and be complaining-"Is that grass that high AGAIN"
Go over to Chicken Scratch and check out his stance on mowing! Or you could read all your posts again and upgrade them Tee hee
sory the nurse in me just came out!

Anonymous said...

Oooh I have a similar picture I took last summer!

Craver Vii said...

Update: S1 mowed the lawn for me yesterday. He did a great job with it and his father is pleased. :-)

Craver Vii said...

Mr. Dave, I think I can honestly identify with your pastor there.

nAncY, it wasn't easy, but I let it go.

Gardening is so different from photography, Imac. But both are linked in my world because of my love for aesthetics.

The blood pressure is still high, Halfmom. I am being careful about what I eat and do. The headaches have diminished considerably, praise the Lord!

Sandman, my kids have standing orders to stone anyone who intentionally spreads these weed-seeds. If we caught you doing that here... I'd miss you a lot. ;-)

I agree, Shoebee. There are better ways to "bust a stitch."

Daniel, I have a high concentration of Fine Fescue. It not only looks beautiful, but feels soft when a person goes barefootin'. My next door neighbor has a plush, healthy Kentucky Bluegrass that gives a resilient spring under the shoes. That is nice, too. Either way, I figure that if you gotta do it, you may as well enjoy it.

Do you have a link for Chicken Scratch, Mommanator? You won't catch me complaining about mowing, because I love it. Maybe other things, like tilling, weeding, watering, and mosquitoes... but never mowing or edging.

Mary, I saw it. Very nice. Did you make your Pa happy and tear that sucker out of the earth, making sure the seeds didn't spread? Nevermind.

Anonymous said...

Oh I pulled it out alright. Then I made a wish a BLEW it! HAHAHAHAHAHA

It was by the train tracks and it needed some color. I feel it was justified. :D

mommanator said... here it is, he writes well!

Ted M. Gossard said...

Hope your BP is coming down soon, but glad you're getting your rest and that your headaches are diminished.

Yes, I mow my lawn differently everytime, but it needs a resurrection. I've tried hard before, bringing in new soil, replanting grass, but just doesn't take hold in our small front yard. But we're putting plants in it, and it does have beauty with the birds, plants and two trees we've added.

Praying for you.

Shammickite said...

I love the look of my lawn when it's freshly mowed, and I like the smell of the cut grass too. But my back lawn is really weedy, at least they are GREEN weeds. I used to spray with cemicals but they are banned substances now.

Craver Vii said...

(Gasp) Mary!!

Thanks Mommanator. I'll check it out.

Ted, have you ever tested soil samples?

I smiled when I read your comment, Shammy. The reason is, that I grow a healthy lawn in the front yard, and healthy children in the back yard. My back lawn is for playing, not primping.

Ted M. Gossard said...

You've got me on that one. Since I did spend some significant money in the past, I should have done that.

We do have a lot of sand in our ground. I see people around here have problems as well, though I'd nominate our front yard as the worst!

But thanks for the word.

Anything new on how you're doing?

L.L. Barkat said...

I have to tell you... I thought of you the other day, fondly, when I read about a woman who used to go 'round her neighborhood (as a child) and blow dandelion seeds onto all the lawns.

I wondered...

What if...

Craver's lawn...

And I smiled.

lime said...

while i personally don't care about my lawn so much i have the same OCD tendencies expressed in my kitchen and my linen closet. and i am being reminded how much this need to rest interferes. you have my sympathy.