Friday, June 26, 2009

backyard project.1

We have all heard of writer's block, right? Is there such a thing as photographer's block? Maybe; maybe not. It has been almost two weeks without any quality time between my camera and me.


Sometimes I see a potentially good shot, but can't take it. Last night, there were beautiful, warm, pastel swashes in a dusk sky, setting a background for a small tree under a streetlight. I wanted to capture the scene, but the evening's tight schedule of activities prevented me from stopping to set up the shot. I started walking closer, just to see where I might shoot from if I chose to try the same scene on another day, and noticed that a couple nervously thought I was making a beeline for them. Oh well. (sigh) I just gave it up for another time.


Maybe what I need is a special project. By most standards, my backyard is not great. But what kind of shots could I get if I really applied myself to finding decent pictures there? I think I should try.


This here is an old wind chime that probably should have been thrown away. It is tiny, and falling apart. All that hangs is one chime and the clapper. Someone hung it near my grill... probably one of the kids. I'll tell you what; with a blue sky and fill-in flash, I sure like the way this little trinket looks now. I think we can keep it for now.


lime said...

bummer missing the shot you wanted but it's kind of neat to get the other one and have a chance to play.

mommanator said...

good shot of the ordinary things we forget!

fishing guy said...

Craver: It does look like a project waiting to happen. I do want to see the repair.

Craver Vii said...

That reminds me, Lime. One thing that I am so blessed by, is when someone else recognizes the opportunity and says, "Sure; we'll wait; take the shot."

Well, it's true that I forgot about this thingy, Mommanator.

Whoa, Fishing Guy. I'm not saying I'm going to fix it up. That's what my three slaves (er, I mean children) are for. The only backyard project that I want to commit to right now is exclusively pictoral.

Stacy said...

Are you sure you're not from Texas? ("I'll tell you what...") You're halfway there, if not. There are two phrases that'll get you through any conversation in Texas: "Tell you what" and "There you go." It all depends on how you use them. Think Hank Hill on King of the Hill.

Your comment yesterday about visiting with my friend literally made me LOL. I know people sometimes write LOL when they really aren't, but I really was! Ha!

Carletta said...

Hi Craver,
I was going to come by and tell you how much I enjoyed the comment you left me about dandelions in your yard and I just left Fishing Guys and had to laugh at your knick knack nun comment.
You still got it! :)
Oh yes, this is a well played little shot.

imac said...

A master at work - Nice thinking Batman.

Shammickite said...

It's surprising what ordinary everyday things turn out to be masterpieces.... not that this pic is a masterpiece, don't want to boost your ego too much... but it's really nice, love the colours!

Craver Vii said...

Stacy, I chuckled as I typed that, because in my head, it sounded quite Texan to me, too.

At a previous company, we had a group that regularly ate lunch together. We lifted each other's spirits and had many hearty, robust bouts of laughter. My guess is that you would have fit right in.

You are a super-encourager Carletta. I tend to rant on and on about dandelions.

I'm quite sure I'm no master of photography, but if my pictures have improved, it's from watching people like you, Imac.

Feel free to boost the ego, Shammy. We just had the doors widened for that very purpose. Actually, I was pleased that this turned out sharper than my pics usually do.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Yes, I do think there's such a thing as photographer's block. But it usually happens - at least for me - just before I learn something new about picture making...and then I'm off with my camera again.

I try to bank a few photos ahead in case of dry spells. ;-)

I think taking photos of something in your back yard is a great way to start. It may help you to begin seeing great shots again.