Monday, June 22, 2009

nite lite

No post editing manipulation here. This is straight how I got it from the camera.


While most of us were roasting marshmallows, D2 walked by with a flashlight and a water bottle, and I got an idea. I asked to borrow them for a picture. Setting the camera on a picnic table, I lit the tilted bottle from underneath and braced the subject at the side of the table. No flash. The macro setting and spot meter took care of the rest.


I like how dark the background was in this photo. I like how dark the night while we were camping. After we put everybody down to sleep, I took one last walk outside by myself. There is always a sense of awe and wonder that I feel when looking at so many stars in a clear, dark sky.


If I could have my way, we would use special, directional light fixtures, even in the cities, that would be sufficient for navigating, but that would not excessively light up the night sky. I heard one person refer to that unneccessary saturation as "light pollution." Our streets and parking lots are so brightly illuminated, that we cannot properly enjoy the celestial lights.


I get a neat kind of satisfaction every time I find a constellation that I can identify. (sigh) We never had that, growing up in Chicago.


lime said...

very groovy photo!

as for the light pollution i quite agree. i was glad when our downtown replaced it's streetlights that they chose directional lights which are supposed to keep the streets illuminated but not reflect nearly as much into the sky.

fishing guy said...

Craver: Very cool, I think I'll try that one my friend.

imac said...

Its great to try out new ideas Craver, and whats better - when it works out super.

Anonymous said...

"We never had that, growing up in Chicago."

Psh, lies. I can see the Big Dipper every now and then. ;)

Craver Vii said...

"Groovy." Lime, you and my Mrs. apparently use the same dictionary. :-)

Okay Fishing Guy, but be careful not to get marshmallow goo on the camera. Or better yet, try the pic without roasting marshmallows.

You know what Imac? It is pretty common, when I'm feeling creative with the camera to hear passers-by saying, "What the heck is he doing???"

Okay Smartypants, let me clarify. In the uber-bright glow of the big city, we never had a truly dark sky, the kind where one could identify lots of constellations. Hey look Mrrr; what's that over there? (biff)

mommanator said...

wonderful shot, who is that pgotographer who does all his pics of flowers with black background? didnt they just put his pics in the Smithsonian- yours could be next!?

Shammickite said...

Nice photo, but not only does it focus on light pollution in the cities, it also brings attention to the millions of one-use-only plastic water bottles langushing in landfills and garbage dumps for the next million years.

Craver Vii said...

Hey Mommanator, guess what. I have never seen those flower pics. If you (or anyone) can send me a link, I'd like to see a sample of what you're talking about.

Shammy, I have heard that it is not healthy to re-use water bottles. Is there any truth to this? Is it all disposable bottles, or is there a specific type we should be watching out for? Plus: Do you really think this earth will be here for another million years? What optimism!

Suldog said...

Ghostly! It looks as though you've bottled some ectoplasm!

Halfmom said...

humm - since the IKEA and mall went in the backside of my house is bright as early dawn - just no chirping birds. Light filtering material is in order I'm afraid!

Fun picture though.

Shoebee said...

Looking up at the sky and seeing all the stars is my favorite summer pasttime. On of the benefits of growing up in a peach orchard. I haven't done it in a while, but going out on my roof and just looking at the stars is relaxing and mesmorizing. Can't wait till we are camping next week and can enjoy the summer night sky.
When the sky is filled with the stars (a night where the stars seems to multiple before your eyes), I always remember that verse that says God knows how many stars are in the sky. It just amazes me......with light pollution, that verse does not have the same ring to it does it?

Craver Vii said...

Ectoplasm?! Ugh!! I've been slimed!! Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Suldog.

Yeah, Halfmom. That intersection is really, really bright. I haven't noticed how they've done the light fixtures, but I'm sure a lot of light gets reflected up to the sky.

Black is beautiful, Shoebee.

Halfmom said...

I keep meaning to put up darkening curtains in the rooms that have windows back that way - but you may remember that the living room has skylights - no darkening those - at least not on my budget!!

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Cool shot, Carver!