Monday, August 03, 2009


My eldest: D1 is married, and lives out of state. This is our second: S1, and he was on a short-term missions trip last week, helping the still-suffering victims of Hurricane Katrina. Before anyone accuses me of painting the picture of a super-saint, let me say that we are a normal family, and I sometimes understand why animals sometimes eat their young.


DW snapped this shot just moments before they drove away. Right after he left, our dog got real sick, and I was concerned that she might keel over while my son was away. If that happened, the others at home would have a chance to "say goodbye" and begin to process the grieving, while he would be completely unaware of it all until his return. All last week, I was hoping the dog would make it through until S1 arrived. He's back now, and the dog's condition has stabilized; I'd say she is in fair condition right now.


Sometimes I think about how good it would be when our kids are able to successfully leave the nest. (I mean that in the most positive way and in a realistic way as well.) I suppose that's normal, but this past week, I found myself missing this one a lot. Not just because he was incommunicado while our Cocker Spaniel had one foot in the grave, but I really, really missed him, and could hardly wait to see him back home again.


lime said...

i have used that very line about some species eating their young;)

i'm glad the dog is doing better and you were glad to have your son back. i hope he was as glad to see you. :)

donsands said...

I wonder if the Lord in heaven misses being with all His children in a divine way, not human really?

I would think He, as an eternal Creator and sovereign Lord, does miss His children. Does that make sense?

Brother Greg said...

As far as eating the young, there is not much a good swipe of Sweet Baby Ray's cannot fix! I'm glad he's back and I can't wait to 'grill' him about the trip!

Anonymous said...

nice shot of a very handsome young man.

imac said...

Absent makes the heart grow fonder - so they say Craver.
Pleased you dog is pulling through.
Nice post, straight from the heart my friend.

Craver Vii said...

He's a man of few words, Lime. ...Usually. Last night, he was smothered with attention and told story after story about his experience. I hope to hear more this evening.

Perhaps Sandman. But do His children long to be with Him as they should?

(singing) Bringing in the sheep... Nah, Greg, there ain't enough meat on them bones.

On behalf of my wife, thanks Nancy. I cropped it, but she always takes good pictures with such ease. I tend to think too much about stuff that I do.

Yes, Imac. Straight from my crooked heart.

Shiloh Guy said...


OK, sons 1, 2, 3 are out of the house. Two of them made the transition easily. Son 4 and daughter 1 are 20 and 18 respectively. May I say in fatherly love, having them leave home successfully is a piece of cake. Having them still at home but in transition is the test of good parenting and parental love! Whew! I'm sure glad Anne of the House is such a great mom! When do those Jr College classes start?

mommanator said...

I dont think they ever really leave the nest! they move out of the house, but are always there!
AT least thats what I think, doesnt seem like I can get rid of mine TEEHEE like I really would!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: It is a good thing when the youngster want to help others. My daughter made several mission trips abroad.

Craver Vii said...

Tests. (shudder) I used to like tests when I was in school, but "life's tests" have a way of beating me up, Shiloh Guy.

Mommanator, that's one thing that's great about my mom and dad. They have such a welcoming home, that people are constantly dropping by. It's like a never-ending party.

That's excellent, Fishing guy! There is so much we learn, so much we are blessed with when we pour ourselves out for others.

DeniseinVA said...

I see a proud Daddy here, which is lovely to see. He is also a handsome young man and has a beautiful smile. I enjoyed meeting your Mom and Dad also in your other post.