Friday, August 21, 2009

a sunset for coco

Former acquaintances bought a puppy to be their baby's companion. They were new to caring for babies as well as dogs, but I can see how they would think it was the thing to to. Fearing that the little nipper wasn't safe enough, they confined the poor dog to the basement. (That does not improve a puppy's socialization skills.) When they needed to take a trip out of town for a few days, they asked us to care for the pup. That's fine, but they never came back for her. Now we've had her for thirteen years, and before today is over, we will have put her down. I did not feel as close to this dog as the rest of the family, but among the wife and kids in the Craver household, tears will flow freely this weekend.


Since this is the "sunset" of her life, I dedicate this photo to Coco's memory:



donsands said...

We really do become attached to our pets Craver. Dogs are dogs, and people are people, but family pets can become almost like family.

Seems like 13 years is a full life.

Have a great Lord's Day.

The sunset is incredible, BTW.

mr. dave said...

I feel for ya!! Whether people want to admit it or not, PETS ARE PART OF THE FAMILY!

take care, and much blessings to you and yours at this difficult time.

mommanator said...

what a beautiful tribute for you yes an animal love! The sunset just unbeleivable to catch on film!

imac said...

Great tribute to your dog my friend.
Its always heartbreaking to loose a pet, Get another puppy soon to help the family Craver, It wont replace the memories but will help.

imac said...

Just popped in to say
Catch the fluttering flags at my place.

Shammickite said...

You made me sad with this post. You made me remember the day we took our dear old WendyDog on her last car ride to the vet's office. That was a very sad day.
Hugs to you and your family, bet it was a good 13 years. And I'm glad those acquaintances are described as "former".

Craver Vii said...

Yes Sandman; almost. Well, some of them anyway; I never felt significant loss when my son's goldfish died.

Mr. Dave, you have more of a heart for animals than I do. You are more like the other members of the Craver household, because they too, consider the pets to be part of the family. It's practically impossible to convince them of my point of view.

I'm glad you like that sunset Mommnator. I took another photo just minutes before this one, and at a slightly different angle, and the colors were so incredibly different!

They definitely want to add another dog soon, but not me Imac. I would rather give it some time. The weekend was emotional, but appropriately so. I think they're all handling it well.

I'll be by soon to see the flags. :-)

Thanks for the hugs Shammy. I like hugs. Those folks are only "former acquaintances" because they have been out of touch for all these years, but if our paths crossed again today, we certainly wouldn't hold a grudge, and I expect they would know how to care for pets better than before.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: A sad time, ours is 15 and is slowing down.