Wednesday, October 14, 2009

all the trimmings

Autumn colors are popping up here and there. They have been for a while, now. I hope you are catching good views of whatever is happening in your own area. Here, we have a red streak down the middle of a row of green. It looks like a question mark, doesn't it?


Speaking of highlights and such, here's a good laugh: I usually cut my own hair. It's easy for us guys to get away with unprofessional scalp mowings. I just use clippers at home, and my wife helps me finish the back after I've already done my part. I noticed tapered attachments in the bin. They were embossed "right ear" and "left ear." Naturally, I assumed that they would be perfectly suited for clipping around those areas, so I used the attachments, and... Whoa!! That was waaaay too short! I didn't mean to lop off so much. Oh well; it'll grow back.


Oh, and talking about trimming and growing back, I need to do something soon with the front yard. If I wait too long, the overgrown bushes, cobwebs and scattered leaves will end up looking like Halloween decorations. Hopefully, I can get out there with the hedge trimmer and edger this weekend.


Your EG Tour Guide said...

Hahaha! I want to see a picture of your hair...please!

I know the feeling about having a bit of yard work to do!

donsands said...

"Oh well; it'll grow back."

Yep, your blessed with that my brother. My hair has a different way. It keeps on falling out, and disappearing. Oh well. I think Elisha was bald. Didn't some young folk yell at him, "Hey baldy! Hey baldy!", and then a she-bear came and mauled these mockers?

Craver Vii said...

EG, I'll let your imagination show my bad haircut. I probably won't take a picture this time... Why would I want to hurt your eyes? That's like singing badly on purpose.

Elisha is one of my faves, Sandman. The bear account is often misunderstood as the product of a foul temper, but it was God who actually sent the bear, and these young men were not innocent, little boys. (You probably already know that.) Hey, I could have mailed you the hair I lopped off. It would be a real macho rug. Okay, maybe more like a brillo pad.

mommanator said...

Hope you do better on the yard than your own head!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: So now we are photo shopping question marks into the trees. Why don't you try for an exclamation point next time.

Leeloo's mum said...

Cute little spider! It looks like it was very small. That redish streak does look like a question mark, doesn't it! It looks pretty cool :) Speaking of this, we have beautiful trees in our backyard at work, I'll be taking a picture of them when I get back from lunch, it's actually sunny today so I'm looking forward to that.

Hey, where's the picture of your hair?? ;)

Craver Vii said...

I'll try Mommanator. That's all I can promise. :-D

I'll keep an eye out Fishing Guy, but I'd rather find a smiley face.

That "cute little spider" was unfortunately inside the house. It's in (ahem) spider heaven now. I hope your tree pictures turn out nice.

I give in. Last night I went ahead and took a picture of my hair.
see it here

Leeloo's mum said...

Poor little spider :(

Your new do' doesn't look that bad! :D

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Hey are you going "bugging" now? Love your spider but will pass on commenting about the haircut. LOL!!