Wednesday, November 04, 2009

fuzzy face

What a sloppy snout! I was under the impression that bugs were better at grooming than this cricket. His muzzle is messy with lint or something, and it even looks like he's drooling! Maybe they usually are, but when I found it, this one was already dead. I scooped it up from the floor, put it on a paperweight (rock), placed a blue sheet of paper in the copyholder, lowered the desk lamp and snapped the photo from approximately two inches away -- no flash. The filthy face is probably lint from the floor that got there when I scooped it up. I'll see if I can clean them up better next time.


S2 dressed up as Wolverine for trick-or-treating. Big sister drew the hair on his face, and I constructed the adamantium claws from plasticware and tinfoil. Later, browsing through the pics, I touched up the facial hair for some wicked mutton chops. (I also thickened the brows and lengthened the canine.) What do you think? Pretty tough, eh?


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: What a great photo of the cricket, super macro. S2 probably looked awesome on the streets even without all the touch-up.

Gaelyn said...

OK Craver, it's an interesting bug macro. But, if you're going to share what's on you floor this could soon become another "quess what", and I don't think your ready to compete with Joan yet.

S2 looks cool!

mr. dave said...

a wolverine and a cricket, could be another super hero movie,huh?

imac said...

Great fun Craver, and great work.

Pop in and vote for your favorite Header.If you have the time,thanks.

donsands said...

My grandson just got a blue-tongued lizard, and this guy loves to eat live crickets.

Nice pic of S2 as the Wolverine. Pretty cool looking costume.

Craver Vii said...

The kids had lots of fun going house-to-house, Fishing Guy. They were quite frozen by the time we returned home.

Compete with Joan, Gaelyn? That's unthinkable. But if you say "inspired by" Joan, then you may have something.

(lol) What kind of powers would the Cricket have, Mr. Dave? Did you see the tiny gun called the cricket on Men In Black?

I hope it's okay that I don't vote, Imac. But I'll try to get over to see all the headers.

That's okay Sandman, as long as we're not talking about a blue-tongued grandson who loves to eat lizards. Yuck!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Great shot there of the cricket Craver.

S2 looks awesome!! Bet he got lots of treats. :)

mommanator said...

S2 looks great, the bug I could do without!

Tom said...

Excellent close Craver... never knew bugs had beards... ha!.. but S2 looks more scarey with the fang..

Thank you for stopping by again my friend

Anonymous said...

did you get some candy?

Craver Vii said...

I appreciate the encouragement, Joan. I figure that if I keep tampering with setting up and planning some shots, I should be able to improve on the quick, random ones.

S2 is a wise boy, and knows how to exercise moderation. I would have been much more compulsive.

Oh, but these bugs make for such interesting macro pics, Mommanator.

The beard was bugging me, Tom. Too bad I didn't spot it earlier, so that I could get a piece of tape and remove it.

Oh nAncY, I always manage to get some candy. Though I did not collect with the kids going door-to-door, S2 placed a Snickers bar on my pillow that night. What a good boy!

Marcus Goodyear said...

That is a really cool bug pic. Your son's costume/photoshopped costume looks great.

If he is on Facebook, that would make a fun avatar.