Thursday, December 17, 2009

port side

Karen at Timber-lee was gracious enough to give me a little help with the identification of some of the photos I took up there. It turns out that the golden retriever puppy named fluffy was not a golden retriever puppy at all! It happens to be a twelve year-old plated lizard, who's name is Plato.


She also identified this fish picture for me. It is called a sand sifting goby or a sleeper goby. It swims along, scooping up sand or gravel in its mouth, and shoots it out from somewhere near the gills.


As I got ready to put this photo up, I had a foggy flashback to something about the protocol for fish photos. After a quick search, I found this from a web article written by the Aquatic & Terrestrial Research Team members Adam Blundell and Shane Silcox:
A second guideline for taking aquarium pictures deals specifically with taking pictures of fishes. When displaying a picture of a fish it is proper to take a picture of the left side of the fish. In other words, the fish is facing left. This isn’t always possible, and in general a picture of a fish facing right can be flipped and mirror image is used. There are of course exceptions to this rule including: never flip a picture that has a human in the photo, never flip a picture of a non-bilaterally symmetric fish (i.e. flounders), and internal dissection pictures are taken on the right sides of the fishes.


Did you know about that? Therefore, on account of this port side protocol, I flipped the original photograph.


Leeloo said...

Great photo Craver, the colours are gorgeous. And thanks, once again, for the helpful link! I put it in my favorites along with the drops photography :)

Your EG Tour Guide said...

I'm afraid I'm not good with memorizing rules so I must make a ton of mistakes when I post photos of fish, dogs, cats....

You confused a fish for a puppy? I can see how that could easily happen. Thank goodness there are bloggers out there to rescue us from ourselves, eh?

Carletta said...

Who knew - taking notes - port side shots of fish - geesh - so much to remember. :)

I'm so happy you visited. I haven't been a good visitor outside of returning comments lately and I'm trying to catch up on those tonight.
If I don't make it back in time (lots to do the next few days)- Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I was so sure it was a puppy too Craver. :)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: I think that this is a funny rule and a rule for the rules sake. It seems to be a rule to be broken.
BTW: Cleo had a great time and hopes to visit at the next bash.

Craver Vii said...

Yeah, it's neat how the tank's rocks had that purplish hue, and the fish was brightly colored. Some of these have a bolder blue marking on their face. You're so welcome, Leeloo! It's a blessing to be counted among the drops, and not the drips. (lol)

Yes, but why do we fall down, EG? So we can get back up. I have learned so much as good folks such as yourself provide a safe environment to try things out, and encourage me to do better. There is still a lot to learn! Thanks for being a friend.

Carletta, I have only recently fallen out of the habit to always carry a little notebook with me. It's pretty useful.

I'll be looking for Christmas pictures of your darling grandchildren.

Joan: (big grin)

I wish I knew how this fish rule came about, Fishing Guy, and where this guideline is really intended for. I did not think to look in advertisements and fish books, to see if they observe it, but now I will.

Anonymous said...

too many rules
your photo is looking kinda fishy

imac said...

Grand fish, rules for fish? what if they are in a fish bowl??lol.

mommanator said...

WHAT who makes up these rules! not a blogger for sure!

lime said...

fish are to be photographed from the left??? seriously? i imagine a bunch of fishy divas turning their right sides away, "oh my left is much better...."

Craver Vii said...

I guess some people find peace in that kind of uniformity and structure Nancy. I flipped my right-facing fish just for them.

I think Imac, it's only for deciding between port and starboard. I've seen fish head-on, but I can't remember seeing any aft or from below.

Blogger is sometimes liberating, but if my friends can help me with protocol or even generally make things better Mommanator, I'm eager to make improvements.

This goby was such a diva, Lime. I used photobucket to flip it. That's a handy gimmick for fish photos.