Tuesday, March 02, 2010

missed it

We took one of our kids to science camp this week. While I was there, I snapped a few shots in the reptile room. Most of the snakes were napping, and some of the tanks were smudged with fingerprints. These cages are usually cleaner, but the camp had 400 visitors last week, and I was taking photos early on Monday.


This Corn Snake snake was not sleeping, but it looked like an escape artist, probing the top of the tank, sniffing around for a way out. Have you ever had a pet like that?


This snake's flickering tongue would have been nice to include in a pic, and I tried over and over again, but missed the forked tongue. ...Probably because I was not using a flash. There were no workers in that room with me, and I did not know whether using a flash would bother the reptiles. It would also have been a hassle, as the light bounced off the glass tanks. I still want to nab a photo of that tongue!!


I like this snake's coloring. It reminded me of something, but I could not figure it out until this morning. Someone put treats out next to the coffee, inviting us to help ourselves to cinnamon candies. That's it... cinnamon! If I had one of these snakes as a pet, that's probably what I'd like to name it.


You know what else I missed? You. I have not been blogging as much as I like to this past week. I am sorry for neglecting you. I missed a couple days of work, and still need to dig out from this mountain of to-do's. Break times and lunches only allow me to do a little bit at a time. Say, do you know anybody who would be willing to pay me to visit blogs all day? ;-)


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Can't help you with the pay, all I can say is I enjoy your visits. Great photo of the snake, red eyes, is that some sort of omen?

Shammickite said...

I like your snake picture a whole lot better than I like snakes in general.
I haven't been a good blogger either just recently, I've had some stress to deal with, but I am happy to announce that my stress is packing it's bags and leaving home.... so it's back to blogland!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I missed you and left you a scolding on my blog. :)

What a lovely snake Craver. I have not had one as a pet but was looking at some the other day. I think I need to get a per but I am not into dogs and cats .... too tame for this wild woman from Africa!! LOL!!

PS I wish someone would pay me to visit blogs so so if you find a sponsor, please share with me. LOL!!

Glad you are back BTW. :)

DeniseinVA said...

That's a wonderful picture. I have a fascination for snakes, my husband isn't too fond of them. My daughter-in-law has a pet snake, something similar to this one in coloring called Peaches. My son wasn't so sure about it at first. I think it escaped once while she was still living with her parents but not since they've been married. She loves frogs too.

Craver Vii said...

Well Fishing Guy, the snake's red eyes could be a sign that this one should have been sleeping like most of the other snakes at that time.

Stress, Shammy? If there is anything you ever want me to pray about, please email me.

I saw that scolding, Joan. I don't mind those kinds of scoldings at all.

Peaches is a cool name for a snake, Denise! I had a pet snake when I was younger, but not any more. There seems to be a stigma with owning certain types of pets.

mommanator said...


Wendy said...

Love the snake, awesome shot! I'd love to have a pet snake, but it would break my heart everytime I'd have to feed it :( Nature makes me a little sad sometimes.

lime said...

i do like snakes and think the colors in this shot are lovely. if you find someone willing to pay you to read blogs let me know. i'll apply too.