Thursday, May 27, 2010

bird circus

The original plan was to photograph a rabbit, but it scampered off into the bushes.


Just over my shoulder, I could see that it was dinnertime for a robin's chicks. Yea!! The adult American Robins would not come to the nest if I was too close, so I propped up the tripod, max height, attached the wireless receiver, set the controls, and walked away. I sat in a chair a few yards away from the tripod and waited until the parents returned.


I tried one picture, and the flash did not seem to bother them. After sharing a worm the parent robin flew away, I reviewed the image, made adjustments and took my seat again. While waiting I tried to read, but it was so much more fun to look at the birds in the field. The robins did not appreciate the encroaching starlings. There were two more nests like this one on this side of the building, and they had similar activity going on there. Noisy Killdeer plovers were busy on the other side. One lone dove seemed to be out of place here. Meanwhile, I just sat there, taking it all in.


When the parent returned, I was able to fire off a few shots. Sometimes, I discard my photos if the flash casts a shadow in them, but this one does not bother me. I liked looking at these robins, but I also liked the opportunity to fiddle with gadgets like the wireless remote control. (If you follow the link above, it shows one that is similar to the piece I have.)


Five minutes later, I was chasing a baby bunny around out back, but all I got from that was grass stains on my white shirt.


DeniseinVA said...

I would have loved to be an observer watching you chasing that bunny around your garden :) Great picture Craver. I would have loved to get one of those wireless receivers but my camera will only take a plug in. Next time I treat myself I will make sure the new camera can take a wireless.

Pastor Dave said...

a worthy national geographic entry!

Gaelyn said...

Great capture, and neat trick with the wireless.

happyone said...

Great shot.
I love to watch robins in the bird bath. They seem enjoy that more than any other bird. :-)

Wendy said...

Great picture Craver, it's nice to take photos but also very rewarding to observe the birds :)

Craver Vii said...

That's what I used... the plug in. There is an aftermarket unit that works for my camera. Denise, I thought the baby bunny would have been easier to sneak up on, but it weren't.

You are too kind, Mr. Dave.

Oh Gaelyn, I had been watching and waiting for the opportunity to use it. It's a fun little toy. The only thing I don't like is that it takes a weird battery.

I should talk to Mrs. Craver about bird baths, Happyone. I expect robins would be cute characters as they splash around. And that would make for some good pictures, too!

Oui, bien sur, Leeloo! That's why I love taking pictures so much... it has made my eyes keener to observe natural beauty.

lime said...

man, you just blow me away with these bird shots. each one is more astonishing than the last.

imac said...

Fancy chasing a rabbit down its hole Craver, Tho, you may make a good

Robin shot, Now thats great.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I have to say that is the strangest looking bunny I have ever seen!! LOL!!

You sound, like me, one morning I told my dad I was going to go and buy a headboard but I found a good deal on a sewing machine I had long wanted and bought it instead. He never stopped teasing me about what a strange 'headboard' that was. LOL!!

This is a stunning shot Craver. Are you using a diffuser on your flash? They are so easy to make.

George said...

This is a wonderful picture -- your patience certainly paid off with this photo. I would have enjoyed seeing you chase that bunny around. I'm very impressed with the results you got using your wireless trigger.

Shammickite said...

You are becoming quite an accomplished avian photographer.... and you take nice snaps of birdies too.

mommanator said...

how sweet! great pic!

Craver Vii said...

Thanks Lime. I'm trying to learn as I go, and lots of people have been helpful along the way.

The closest I've come to that Imac, is that I had a part in an Alice In Wonderland play, back in 1984. I was the Mock Turtle. My sister played the eponymous role.

Diffuser, Joan? Sometimes... I'm all ears, if you want to tell me more, though!

Well George, I did enjoy trying to sneak up on that wascally wabbit, even though it did not yield a good photo. Too bad about the grass stains on my sleeves, though. I couldn't get them out. I had to confess to my wife what I had done.

That's funny Shammy. Thanks so much!

Hey Mommanator, I understand you're getting ready to do some traveling. Safe journeys my friend!

EG CameraGirl said...

You certainly love to play with photography gadgets. Well, the wireless receiver worked well. :)