Tuesday, May 04, 2010

a very good day

Some of you know that the Craver household home educates our children. Most of what we do is home based curriculum, but there is a science camp up in Wisconsin that we use for Biology. It is a neat supplement to our educational program. I volunteered there as a camp counselor many moons ago. We went up to this place Saturday so that my daughter could dissect a frog. That meant that my son and I had from 8AM to 4PM to wander around on a perfect day.


S2 just received his first camera from a friend. It is a used, low-end compact, which is perfect for a starter camera. He is having a good time snapping pics of all kinds of stuff, so we decided to use the day for a photo safari of sorts. We both loved it!


We took pics of horses, birds, flowers, trees and bugs. The camp director is my friend, so I was given a special visitor's pass and roaming privileges camp, even though there were other programs going on at the same time.


It was pure delight to walk around with nothing to do but take random photos under blue skies. But it was over the top when my son said how much he appreciated what we were doing, and thanked me for getting him interested in photography. How cool is that! I am so glad that he and I can hang out together and enjoy similar things.


Happyone :-) said...

My daughter home schools her kids. It's working out great for them as it seems to for you also.
So nice to hear of a child thanking a parent!! :-)

donsands said...

"..enjoy similar things."
That's an extra joy isn't it.

Thanks for sharing Craver.

mr. dave said...

bonding is great, especially between men-boys and men-men.
Enjoy those times together before they grow up!

dot said...

Maybe he needs his own blog!!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

It is great that he has also taken an interest in photography Craver and the day together sounds like fun.

Bird Girl said...

Yes, that is so neat for you and your son to have a day of photography together - just walking around and observing the world around you!

By the way - you are curious to hear the oriole song? Here is a link. The very first few chirps are what they do in the yard most of the time.


EG Wow said...

I think it's fabulous that you and your son have a common interest! Photo trips will be good for both of you. :)

Craver Vii said...

I hope your daughter has all the support she needs, Happyone. Home education has its rewards, but it can be challenging sometimes, too. As for the Craver house, we love it.

"An extra joy." That's a nice way of putting it, Sandman. You are so right.

True Mr. Dave. It is better that he learn how to be a man from me, than from television or even his peers. Pray for dads and male mentors. Everybody wins when a child is properly trained.

I wouldn't be surprised if he does that when he's old enough, Dot. All in good time.

Joan, he helped me take a picture of a spider by holding a flashlight (torch). One day those roles will be reversed, and I will be so proud of him.

Thanks for the link Bird Girl. I have not used that particular resource before for hearing the birds. It's a handy tool!

Yes EG. Good for both of us. How often does that happen?!

mommanator said...

ah how sweet, BONDING YEH

Gaelyn said...

Not only is it special that you get to hang out together, you are both documenting this Now for future memories. Very cool Craver!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: I wonder who had the most fun at the camp?

Craver Vii said...

Yup. I like those special times with each of my kids, Mommanator.

Well I will anyway. Gaelyn, he deletes a lot of his pics right away... even the good ones!

The best answer Fishing Guy, is all of us. My daughter loved to see her friends again, and I've already talked plenty about my son and me.