Tuesday, June 15, 2010

wedding photographer

People pics have been the most challenging for me. There are so many variables... so many plates to keep spinning, do you know what I mean? It is complicated sometimes to get them to be comfortable, natural and keep a warm, genuine smile. There is an aspect of timing for the expressions, and coaching them to show them the best way possible.


I was asked to photograph a wedding. The couple (pictured below) will be married in August, so I have plenty of time to prepare. Rather than just wing it in August, I have begun looking for volunteers to take pictures of, and even have a makeshift portrait studio. A friend gave me a backdrop and light stands, and I can set these up in one of the classrooms at church. I was surprised at how much space is needed, when you don't want to cast a shadow on the backdrop!


Anyway, we were at a wedding reception on Saturday, and I got a few friends to come and get free pictures. This is the best (photography) of the bunch. I need a faster shutter time, because most of the pictures came out blurry from (the subject's) movement. But there was one more problem that makes me a little scared...


Most of the pics were slightly out of focus. It is difficult to see that in the viewfinder, but it was most annoyingly obvious when I reviewed the images later on the computer. I'll have to work on that diligently for the next three months!


Happyone :-) said...

I think people are the hardest to photograph!!
I'll be taking a stab at it on Friday at a golf tournament. Most of the pictures will be candid though so that should be easier. My husband and I are doing it together. We also get to drive a golf cart around. Should be fun. :-)

imac said...

Try a tripod or get a VR lens - which helps to compensate hand shake.
Otherwise my friend you doing good.

I have done a few friends wedings, but nothing pro - with being a white wedding, you only get the onc chance at these.

Gaelyn said...

I like the essence of your captures even if a little blurry.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Have you tried a higher ISO Craver? I dont know what you were shooting those blurry ones on but IMAc has a good suggestion too. I hope, no, I KNOW you will come right with this problem and will take terricif pictures of the wedding!!

Denise said...

You'll be a super wedding photographer. I get a little frustrated with the blurry pics, as they always look great in the viewfinder. Your photos were great, the top one no blur? The bottom one maybe a little but it also had that soft focus quality that can be very nice. Thanks for stopping by. Your humor always makes me chuckle.

Denise said...

Ups! Just started putting my links on my comments. Forgot to do it the first time round. Here you go ;)

An English Girl Rambles

Craver Vii said...

That's great, Happyone! I hope the weather is good, and all things work in your favor. That can be really useful to have a golf cart, especially if you have a heavy camera bag or cumbersome tripod. I didn't know your husband likes taking photographs too... awesome! My wife will be assisting me for the big portraits at the wedding. We'll have to practice before that day comes.

Imac, I already was using a tripod and wireless remote for the portraits. Nikon's VR "vibration reduction," and other manufacturers' IS "image stabilization" is not an option for me. My current equipment does not have this feature, and when I looked into it, I found it to be cost prohibitive. :-(

If this young couple had the money, I would do them a favor and turn down their request, forcing them to hire a professional. As you said, they only get one chance to get it right.

Thanks Gaelyn. That blurry one at the bottom is my favorite. I just wish it wasn't quite so blurry.

I'm going to have to do that, Joan. Knowing that some of these photos were going to be printed on larger paper, the low ISO was selected for fear of noise. It looks like I am going to have to compromise. I think the key is to set up a few more of these free portrait opportunities, so that I might learn a little more each time.

See, that's the thing, Denise... they always looked great in the viewfinder! Aargh!!

Oh... Denise, I have also included a link to your page in my sidebar. I did that a long time ago, actually. I'm curious. How is that extra link different than if a blogger clicks on your name or avatar from the comment section? I could be wrong, but methinks it only makes a difference when you leave a comment on a site other than Blogger.

George said...

I agree that getting good portraits of people are the hardest pictures to get. Based on my experiences, I have to agree with iMac on possible solutions.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: I love the camera with image stabilization. It really helps on the shots.

Bird Girl said...

Boy, I feel for you. I hate to shoot people photos - I think you wouldn't get blur if you used flash - but you have to have a decent flash (not a pop up) Then you can bounce the light from the ceiling so that the pictures aren't too harsh (showing every wrinkle and blemish on the skin ;-) There are some very nice filters for soft, dreamy looking photographs,too. I've hear some people use vasoline around the edge of the lens ;-)
With birds in flight - in order to stop the wings in action you have to get the shutter speed up to 1000. So that means in sunlight you are often shooting at least 400 ISO. If the light isn't good you keep increasing the ISO - 1600 etc.
I love weddings done in natural light but you better have a tripod and faster ISO. It is an art for sure. That top picture looks great!
Best of luck and only experience will teach you!

Craver Vii said...

It looks like I'll get more practice George, because now I have two other assignments. One Facebook friend asked me for a family portrait, and I was recommended as a wedding photographer for someone else. I better get practicing!

The only way I can get image stabilization Fishing Guy, is if I can figure out a way that I can use my current photographic equipment
to pay for it. That sure would be nice!!

Sure Bird Girl, I can understand that you hate to shoot people, but you gotta do what you gotta do. (lol) The shot with the green background (chalkboard) was done by bouncing one flash off the ceiling. I was shocked that the first set of pics came out blurry with three flashes on the set. ...yes, three! I used one behind them to light the backdrop, one to highlight the hair, and the main one was shooting into an umbrella reflector. A friend lent me two wedding photography books, and I plan to look into it some more.

lime said...

i love that bottom picture, fuzzy or not, it's just FUN!