Monday, August 30, 2010

bug zone

Yellow lights do not attract bugs at night. The light we use at home is a beacon extraordinaire! It's an energy saving white light, but it causes a heap of bug activity in front. It is funny to watch people get the wiggly heebie-jeebies and swat like crazy every time they pass through this bug zone. (Is it wrong of me to be amused by that?) I should charge admission for the entomological zoo we have at my front door. I could buy itch relief product by the case, mark it up and rake in serious cash-ola, hand over fist.


Another idea is to make my own little bug identification chart. That one had some real appeal to me, because then I could issue a challenge to find a bug that was not already identified on my chart. Hey, I'm a homeschool dad, and that's the kind of thing we do, right?


Well, I took a picture of this moth, and then I started searching online for an identification. Do you know how many varieties of moth there are?!!!!!


Forget it! I'm going back to the zoo idea.


This is a male Chickweed Moth. Thank you Carletta for identifying this moth for me.


imac said...

Nice neat shot Craver, you should be happy - getting rich wont make you any happier,lol, so if you make money - send it too me.cheers friend.

Craver Vii said...

Oh, the money is not for happiness Imac. It would be so that I could turn it into a couple of Nikons (plus lenses) like what you have.

donsands said...

Nice moth. Amazing insect. The whole cocoon thing is incredible.

To God be all the glory!

mr. dave said...

from photo it could pass off as a stingray!

Gaelyn said...

Nice macro of that delicate moth. I love to see the variety that hang out around the porch light. But they Are difficult to ID. Good luck with the zoo.

Chris said...

yes good luck with the ID ;-) But that's a terrific picture, well done!

mommanator said...

kiddo, you have a warped mind but thats why I enjoy reading your posts, mine is warped the same way Teehee
you do that listingthing like bird watchers do. I bet Rambling woods could identify it she has some of the most interesting post s about creatures!

Craver Vii said...

Wouldn't it be neat to observe one through the whole process, Sandman? Soli Deo Gloria

Thankfully Mr. Dave, this one was barbless and much, much smaller.

The porch light will attract the zoo insects, but Gaelyn how do I attract zoo customers? Maybe I can get one of my kids to wear a big o'l bug costume and hand out flyers.

Thank you Chris. I appreciate how the moth just sat there for me. That helps.

I have a warped face, too Mommanator, since reading your comment caused both sides of my face to bend upwards (smile). I'll have to pay a visit to "Rambling Woods," assuming that there is a link at your page.

George said...

I'm sorry I can't help you with the identification, but I do like your bug identification chart idea. Perhaps you can put that idea into effect after you make more money than you can spend from your zoo idea.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: There are a gazillion moths to check and that is from a college graduate. will help.

Carletta said...

I took a shot a few weeks ago of one of these, at least it is colored the same way but it was in the middle of the day at my Mom's. I loved the pink stripes but I haven't tried IDing it yet.
I'll let you know if I find out.

Carletta said...

Hi, I'm back....

Well, thank you. I found mine like this in the daytime and would have looked under butterflies forever trying to ID it.
I just did a google search and found they are out in the day and are called Chickweek Moths. Yours is a male with his furry antenna.
I'll post mine soon. :)

Craver Vii said...

My wife and I home educate my children, George. What I ought to do, is snap the pictures and then turn them over to the kids, and let them figure out how to produce a useful laminated chart, including how much information we use or don't use. Maybe I'll run that idea by my wife, and see what she thinks. is a good site, Fishing Guy. I think I should bookmark it.

I look forward to seeing your photos, Carletta. Thanks for the ID. I updated my post.

lime said...

my son is doing an insect collection for his invertebrate biology class right now. he'd love to come visit your light. we do have our own though and last night my husband was trying to capture a big moth when a bat swooped in and had it for dinner.