Thursday, August 19, 2010


Tie-dye is cool! Lime knows this. That's why she wears so much of it, that sorting clothes in the Lime residence is: colors, darks, whites, and tie-dye.


My Pennsylvania friend was kind enough to make one for me, and shipped it way back around Easter time. I have worn it plenty of times since receiving it, but wanted to post a self portrait as a thank-you. So this is me, trying very hard to look casual, and not be so stinkin' self-conscious. It only took 73 tries to get this natural.


Most of the time, I don't do just a tee shirt. For casual, I like a collared shirt on top, but to make it casual, I leave the top shirt unbuttoned. It's a modest grunge kind of thing. (I am wearing a white tee shirt under the tie-dye.)


But I've wanted a tie-dye shirt for a while now, and I finally have one, thanks to Lime! This shirt is sa-WEET!! A special word of appreciation should also go to my youngest son, who helped me with the self-portrait. The poor guy tried to be patient. He really did, saying (72 times), "Yeah, Dad; that one's good enough. Are we done now?"


Chris said...

How cool, and it is nice to see a auto-portrait!

happyone said...

Don't you like nice in your tie-dyed shirt! :-)

imac said...

Love the shirt,
But I have to say you dont look very happy my friend, you are trying too hard to relax,lol
A nice smile - like in your info file.

EG CameraGirl said...

I like the way it's dyed...not just tie-dye the way I remember it. :)

George said...

You really do look cool in that tie-dye shirt. Very nice.

Craver Vii said...

Thank you, Chris. When I first started blogging, I used a cartoon character to represent myself. I've come a long way since then.

Like I say to my workmates Happyone, the Mrs. makes me take a bath once a week, whether I need it or not. ;-)

That's funny Imac. I am told that I often frown, even when I am not feeling angry. So how does a person stop trying to relax, in order that they might relax?

She's pretty good; isn't she, EG?

It's the shirt, George... 100%.

donsands said...

Far out!

You look good in tie-dye bro.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

A man of all seasons I see. WOnderful shirt and please give my sympathy to your son. LOL!!

Gaelyn said...

Nice tie-dye. I learned to do that several years ago and really liked the process and end result.

Nice shot. I just can't seem to do self portraits.

Pastor Dave said...

colors blend together nicely w/background..its as if i am watching a portion of the film The Yellow Submarine..

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: I think that shirt turned you yellow.

Shammickite said...

That's a truly fabulous Tshirt, love the colours. I tried tie-dying a shirt back in the 70s or was it the 80s.... haven't done it since.

Craver Vii said...

I've always liked tie-dye, Sandman. It's a little disconcerting though, to get so many comments from neighbors and friends about what I am wearing. I'm not especially interested in talking fashion, except of course when defending my right to wear socks with sandals.

He's a good sport, Joan. And he has frequently served as a cheerful helper. He's okay though... he got to play his computer Lego game after we got this snapshot.

I know, Gaelyn. Is there anybody who finds it easy to do self portraits? Probably not many of us.

Craver Vii said...

I haven't seen The Yellow Submarine, Mr. Dave. I liked the background, which is a more neutral tone. It doesn't compete with the colors in the foreground.

You're right Fishing Guy. I came out a little jaundiced here; maybe I should have adjusted the color a little better. That's what you're talking about, right? At least I THINK you're not calling me chicken. ;-)

I think it's time to do it again, Shammy. Yes??

lime said...

sorry it's taken me so long to get over here. i love the picture and it makes me smile knowing how much you've enjoyed it.

Carletta said...

I love it!
I've just realized I haven't worn my own tie-dyed shirt this summer. I better go look in my bottom drawer.
Oh, no pic to follow however. ;)