Monday, September 20, 2010


They say you shouldn't announce your vacation over the internet. Bad people find out, and they break in while you're away to take your stuff. Well, we live quite simply, here in the Craver home, and I have a hunch that if somebody broke in while we were gone, they are more likely to feel bad for us and leave something, so the next guy has something to steal! Truth be told, we have everything that we need.


But no, we are not going away, so it is probably okay if I break this rule. Instead of travelling, I will spend four days this week at home. (I couldn't get Friday off.) My daughter and son-in-law are having some time for themselves and so they brought the grandchildren to Bolingbrook.


This week will be about cherishing every moment that I can hang out with my grandson. The poor guy bumped his face on our coffeetable on the first night, but everything else has been a breeze so far.


We have lots and lots of kisses for our granddaughter. She is SO good natured, and loves to smile! Oh, and she loves to kick Poppa (me) in the face, too. They call her "the flailer" on account of how she gets excited and pumps her arms and legs.


I put a lot of work into scrubbing out some old yard toys and prepping the back yard for my grandson. I hope he likes playing with us here. They were all stashed way back in a "forest" of weeds. I'm lucky to have found my way back to civilization after going into that dense thicket!


Check out the beauty I found while cleaning out the playset. There were lots of spiders (and other critters) playing in these unused toys. This one was bigger than the others, and worthy for a photo break. I didn't want her playing with my grandchildren, and got ready to squish her into oblivion, but she got away. Well, the main thing is that she is not in the playset anymore. Good for her!


Wendy said...

My goodness they are too cute!! Have a great time with your grandchildren Craver! :)

Happyone :-) said...

They are cuties!! Enjoy your time with them.

imac said...

Oh, I see then we are not going away this week then,lol.
Happy families Craver are so much fun and happiness, when they grow older they drift away a little, but the heart is still there and when needed they come or they ring, and when meet all is well still.

George said...

I'd like to know how you can avoid spoiling these two cuties. I'm sure your grandson will have almost as much fun at your house as you will. Enjoy your time with them.

Gaelyn said...

Glad the spider got away and you get to stay home and enjoy your precious grandchildren.

Craver Vii said...

These two won't remember this week Wendy, but the grandparents will never forget it.

Happyone, it has been ten years since we have had people this young in the house. I'm loving every minute of it.

That is encouraging to hear, Imac. I know that people get to thinking differently when they're teenagers, but when that happens, I will hold on to the hope of them coming back.

"Avoid" spoiling them George?? That's for their parents to worry about. Grandparents were made for spoiling babies. And that's what we're doing. I sit on the floor with them and play... we walk and talk (even though they can't speak yet)... I even SING to them!! Though, if you heard the way I sing, you might say that something else got spoiled. (ha ha)

I don't know, Gaelyn. This spider was not far from being able to swallow the baby whole. I'd feel better if I knew exactly where she was.

lime said...

such cuties. love the expression on your granddaughter's face. she really seems to be thinking hard.