Tuesday, November 02, 2010

musk at dusk

There is a pond I see on my usual commute. It has Mallards, mostly. I saw a Great Blue Heron in there once. And one time I thought I spotted a Wood Duck, but I can't be sure. Since then, I drive extra slow near that spot (provided that there is no one behind me). I have been looking for something other than the typical Mallards.


This time I saw something, and couldn't figure out exactly what it was, so I parked and tried to get a better look. I think this is a Muskrat. Not knowing diddly about Muskrats, I looked them up online.


Did you know that the Roman Catholic church gives a special dispensation in some areas that says you can eat Muskrat on Fish Fridays, during lent? The reason is that they live on the water, so they are treated as fish. Despite their name, these rodents are not true rats. I hear the meat tastes just like duck.


I do not practice Roman Catholicism, but I'm generally trying to eat less red meat. No, I do not plan on indulging in Muskrat cuisine.


Speaking of rodents and/or rats, today is election day, and I can't help but wonder what the results will be. I get tired of the smear campaigns, but these days it's like people are competing to see who can be the most rotten and still get voted into office. Here, in Illinois, we have the distinguished honor of purchasing license plates that were made by former governors. Well, that may not literally be true, but our governors seem to go from the state capital to a state penitentiary.


Chris said...

No comment on the election day ;-9 But your picture is very nice

imac said...

I reckon most Politions can be Rats.
A good med rare steak and a glass of red wine or a beer please.lol

happyone said...

Doesn't appear very appetizing!! I don't think I'll try muskrat anytime soon.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: That was really a neat find my friend.

Gaelyn said...

This is an awesome sighting Craver. Don't let it get to close to the dirty rat politicians though.

Craver Vii said...

I'm glad you like the picture, Chris. I thought I was too far away and didn't have enough light.

I would prefer a William Wilberforce over any of these contemporaries, Imac. Please pass the wine.

Happyone, who thinks of such things? "Hmmm... there's an animal I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole... I wonder what it tastes like. It doesn't have much meat on it, so I better take two."

Fishing Guy, it is always rewarding to discover something I haven't seen before.

Yes I know Gaelyn; they might ruin it. ;-)

George said...

I like both your picture (and the information about muskrats) and your observation about political campaigns. I'm delighted the election is over, but the next one will probably start up in a week or two.

Shammickite said...

So as ducks and geese live their lives on, in or near water, can they be considered as fish on Fishy Fridays? Just wondering.
I've never seen a muskrat other than in a zoo, good eye, Craver!

Anonymous said...

Wow! how did you see the muskrat, Craver? Relieved that the elections are over! Yay! :)

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Well spotted Craver!! I guess they dont have silly rules as we do. :)

Craver Vii said...

George, I wish today's politicians would turn their reputations around, and become men and women who earn our respect and admiration. We have so few true statesmen.

I don't know, Shammy. When I was young, we just did these things without asking. These days, I can point to specific Scriptural references for the things I ask my family to do.

Originally Rachel Grace, I thought it was just another duck. But I had pulled the car over, and stayed for a while before realizing what it was.

Silly rules, Joan? What kind of silly rules are you referring to?