Wednesday, January 26, 2011

wood-a coulda shoulda

Dozens and dozens of birds filled this tree. So much so, that I wanted to pull over immediately and snap a picture, but it happens to be in an area that is somewhat inconvenient to find a parking space, especially during morning or evening rush-hour traffic. I have driven by to see a few redwings now and then, but never so much as what I noticed that first time. There were many times that I wanted to stop and just take a picture of the tree by itself. When a tree juts above the tall grasses like this one, it makes a striking image. I do not mind that it is bare. In fact, there is something I find beautiful about the plain wood and natural lines.


One morning, I did it. I just pulled over on the way to work, and walked a block or so, to find a spot to take a picture. I was never quite satisfied with this particular image, which is why I haven't posted it before. I meant to go back, and try it again with different skies or from different angles.


The absence of other trees or structures in this vicinity transforms it from just another tree to a magnificent sculpture. The spot is marshy, and sits between a pond and an area that is being developed.


I avoided this route for months, because of the construction and slower traffic. Friends, the store's grand opening has come and gone, and I have resumed traveling this regular route. I am sad to report that my tree has been cut down. I will no longer see the silhouettes of a hundred blackbirds on my beautiful tree. Adieu, mon vieux.


imac said...

I know how you feel my friend, sad, gone, but never forgotten.

happyone said...

That one tree makes one fine picture.
I have a similar one that I will post one day soon.

George said...

I'm sure some would say that this is progress, but I do have my doubts about that. I'm glad you did get this one picture at least.

Gaelyn said...


I am glad you've immortalized this beautiful tree.

Jackie said...

This is a beautiful photographe to me.... The shape of the tree...the absence of the overall beautiful shot, Craver VII...
P.S. I missed the blog about your anniversary...just discovered it, so I left a comment for you and for your sweet wife on that page.

Craver Vii said...

Imac, they probably cut it down because it was attracting pesky photographers who ran across the busy street near that dangerous bend.

I saw yours, Happyone. That's a beautiful tree.

I'm trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, George. I keep telling myself, that it was for a good reason that I just don't know about.

That was my first reaction, Gaelyn. It would have been different if it was on an area that was paved over, but this is still an open spot with tall grasses all around the pile of dead wood.

Thanks, Jackie. I figured you would appreciate it. Thanks for the comments on that other post, too.

lime said...

oh i hate to see trees taken down for things like strip malls. makes me sad.

mrs.craver said...

Trees are one of my favorite plants, full or barren!! Their branches stretch out and up as if to praise their Creator! How awesome!!

How sad they had to cut it down. Its life, so short lived. Like us, we are here but a moment and then when the time comes, we too will be "cut down" by our Creator. And instead of stretching out our arms to the sky to praise Him in all of His glory, we'll be praising and worshiping Him in heaven!