Tuesday, February 01, 2011

calm before the storm

We watched icicles melt off the bushes on Friday. I was fascinated by their clarity and the trapped air bubbles. The weather was nice enough for routine car maintenance on Saturday, so I checked fluid levels for the cars. We discovered a problem and my car got fixed. (Thanks, Brother Greg!) Good thing, because we have a big snow storm forecasted, and they're talking about record accumulation, high winds, even thunder and lightning.


As I write this someone said we're in the calm before the storm. Who's calm?! Have you seen how gas prices spiked and how busy things are at the grocery stores right now? On a lighter side, our puppy is tiny, so it will be funny to see how he reacts to huge piles of snow. I expect he will love it. We renamed him "Bear." You can see how small he is compared to my shoe.


Everyone at the office expects that when the storm hits, we will have to shut down for a day. I have mixed feelings about that. Let's see what happens...


mr. dave said...

hopefully its not a bad blizzard and we can all relax like "bear"!

Gaelyn said...

Hope you're staying warm, along with that adorable little Bear.

George said...

Bear looks warm and comfortable -- I hope you are the same. I also hope the blizzard isn't as bad as predicted.
I like your photo of the icicles.

donsands said...

Lord bless Craver's home as You bring this storm his way. Amen.

I remember last year when we had back to back Blizzards, and 40" of snow. It was kind of neat, but it was also a heavy burden.

lime said...

what a GORGEOUS shot. bravo! and your pup in the snow should be a real hoot!

imac said...

Cute Bear,lol.
Prices are set to rise a lot more yet, before they go down.
Grand piccy, before the Storm.