Monday, March 14, 2011

land of the rising sun

Japan International Food for the Hungry I'm concerned about friends in Japan. As bad as things are -especially up North, the nation is in much more danger than many realize, since Japan has a staggeringly low Christian population. What that means, is that most people who die there, go to a hopeless eternity. Please do what you can for disaster relief. But what eternal good is it, for a person to escape an immediate present danger, only to suffer eternal loss? Please pray especially that God pours out his grace and draws the hearts of men and women to Himself. Christians, pray that the people of the land would know the Risen Son.


[I didn't take this photo, though I wish I could have been there! This one was sent by Esther (center), who is a friend originally from Bolingbrook. She currently resides in Tadaoka, and as far as I know, my other friends in and near Osaka are safe.]


Chris said...

They are living very bad moment and just as you do, I hope they will be ok soon... It is so sad!

Shammickite said...

My thoughts are with the people of Japan. They have suffered, and still are suffering, terrible loss and are in great danger. As are we all if that thing blows up! And my prayers are with the brave search and rescue teams that have gone to help.
But sorry, I don't agree that just because some people have a different religious belief from yours, they are doomed to "hopeless eternity" as you put it. OK I'll shut up now.

Craver Vii said...

Chris, I can't even imagine how bad it is. Thankfully, I have been getting reports from some of my friends. It helps to put a personal connection to the segments I hear in the news.

We are certainly in agreement over a portion of our concern, Shammy. I am grateful that you were open enough to share your disagreement, as well. Thanks for that.

There is only one absolute reference point, and I don't think it is me. I also don't think my reference point should be determined by my heritage or upbringing, because multiple reference points render each other null and void. That ultimate, and absolute reference point is - and must be - God himself. I follow him, because I believe that this is the real thing. If he is not, then I suffer from delusion. But Christ rose from the dead and that gives incontrovertible evidence to the veracity of his claims. Jesus is "the" way (not just "a" way), the truth and the life.

Again, I respect your honesty and willingness to have an open discussion.

Eve said...

My husband's cousin is in Japan as well, but fine.

When I hear of catastrophes like this one in Japan, I'd like to peak around God's tapestry to view the front, and not all these tangled strings on the back.

I also wonder when it will be our turn to struggle through difficulties as a nation.

imac said...

Our thoughts and prayers to all.

I belive in a life after death.

WHY are folk fighting over their religions when this is happening in Japan.
Think I'll start my own.

Craver Vii said...

Eve, I've heard of that "tapestry" idea. Yeah, I'm with you on that. I'd like to understand these things better.

I appreciate your concern, Imac. People are foolish (all of us). When we can't discuss important things rationally, we tend to get extreme. Fighting indicates that one party or both think this is too important to take lightly. It's probably the wrong response, but again, that's what we do when we are passionate about a thing.

Let me give you a scenario. The building you are in... has a deadly gas leak. Do you try to save anyone else by telling them? Of course, you do. What if they do not believe you... do you simply shrug your shoulders and walk out alone? Therein lies the conflict.

Craver Vii said...

By the way Imac. I'm not saying that I think it's my job to convince people about the danger. It's just that I have a responsibility to say something, and knowing the consequences, I have a motivation to see them moved to safety. But only God can effectively change a person's heart.

mommanator said...

once upon a time I had an exchange student from Japan, she was from the southrn part so I presume she and her family are ok. I do pray for the outcome for this nation. What a catistopic thing!

Rachel Grace said...

I am praying for the people of Japan and also for Esther and all the people who are ministering to the Japanese in their time of need. I hope they will be all ok and realize that there is hope and love in Christ even in their great suffering and danger they are still in!

lime said...

i dearly hope your friends are all safe. the whole situation defies imagination even when viewing the footage. my prayers are with the nation as a whole and with the individuals i am made aware of.

donsands said...

Excellent words from your heart Craver.
1% of the total population is Christian.
May our Lord pour out His truth and grace into Japan as He never has before, and many He bring many souls out of darkness and into the light, so that they to can worship our Father in Spirit and truth.
Have a joy filled Lord's day brother! Even in the midst of tragedy we can rejoice in our Savior's love and grace.