Tuesday, April 05, 2011

nifty fifty

(First of all, if you're visiting... thanks!! Things have been so busy lately, that I have not been in the blogosphere very much.)


We celebrated Mrs. Craver's birthday this weekend. It was a surprise birthday party. We had a good turnout, and it was a special treat to see that some people who live farther away made it out for the event.


We had lots of food, tons of laughs, and... karaoke. It's funny how everyone thinks rock stars are so cool, and people wish they could sing, but put a microphone in the room, and it's like a deadly kryptonite, striking victims with a paralyzing fear. Coaxing, cajoling and putting people on the spot eventually got folks to go up there and make fools of themselves. I did it three times, myself... and for that, I apologize to every sensible ear that was offended. It was cool though, when the audience joined me do do back-up vocals, and some people even got up to dance!


To my surprise, and great delight, the karaoke platform was not used only for silliness, but one young friend (Rachel Grace) got up and sang a touching and tender song that melted our hearts. My wife was moved to tears.


The best part of this event was celebrating the life of Mrs. Craver and showing our appreciation for the blessing that she is in each of our lives. That woman does so much for her family and community. It was good to have some time set aside for her, as opposed to taking from her, like I usually do. Every day, I am humbled to stand in the presence of true greatness. I suppose I should sign off today by singing...

Then I saw her face,

Now I'm a believer.

Without a trace--

Of doubt in my mind...


Happyone : ) said...

A Happy Birthday to Mrs Carver. : )

Chris said...

Maybe a bit late but Happy birthday to Mrs Craver, and all the best for all your family!

donsands said...

Happy B-Day Mrs. C. You have an exceptional hubby, and he's a good example for us.
1 year closer to being with your Lord and Savior. Who will one day serve us. That's a very difficult truth isn't it? I mean to take in. I sort of don't want it to be, like Peter said, "No Lord, you will not wash my feet."

"Blessed are those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes. Truly, I say to you, he will dress himself for service and have them recline at table, and he will come and serve them." Luke 12:37

mrs. craver said...

Thank you all, for the birthday blessings!

Donsands, Absolutely one year closer to my Precious Lord! I love that! And it's not a difficult truth for me! The only difficult thing that I find is that I am not pleasing Him the way I should. When that time comes, I pray I hear my Father say, "Well done and faithful servant!"

donsands said...

I look forward to hearing so many of my brothers and sisters being told by our Lord, "Well Done." I have to believe you and Craver will be in that number.

With me, though I know Jesus died for me, and nothing can thwart His blood and broken body which took all my sin and paid the debt I owed.
Yet, I feel the lord will simply shake His head and say, "Donald, Doanld." And that will say it all.
I do pray that I could love Christ more, and my neighbor better. May His grace help us all walk in love, and so bear this fruit of love for our Father's glory. Amen.

Craver Vii said...

Hmmm... good point, Sandman. I think I'll change my name. My first name could be: Welldone. My last name will be: Goodandfaithfulservant.

donsands said...

Thou crackest me my brother.

lime said...

aw, so glad it was such a fun time. i hope she really felt the love and it was a wonderful day for her.

you're singingi the monkees...makes me giggle because i met mr lime at a monkees concert.

Shammickite said...

What a mervellous idea... karaoke! I must remember that next time I host a party. Happy Birthday to your dear wife, may she enjoy many more years and many more carzy karaoke parties! Nifty fifty ROCKS!!!