Thursday, June 23, 2011

groves grieving

People in the office today are saying that it has been confirmed that two tornadoes touched down in this area. We have power at work, but I've had no power at home since Tuesday night. Still waiting. Last night, we lit tea candles here and there, and that looked kinda pretty. We should try candlelight again some time, when it is by choice and not necessity.


The downed branches, and in many cases--whole trees... that was not so pretty. I am probably not what you'd call a "tree hugger," but I still find it sad to see these beautiful giants felled by catastrophic winds. Driving to work, I observed street after street, and mile after mile, that the lawns were lined with piles of broken branches.


It is merely inconvenient for the Craver house to be without electricity. Granted, I am not there 24/7. Still, it is much easier to deal with this, than the damaged homes that absorbed the crash of heavy tree limbs and massive trunks. As far as I know, there was no loss of life from these tornadoes. Then again, I haven't been able to tune into the evening news yet.


Chris said...

Well the good thing is that you and your family are saved and that's the most important things! Isn't it?

Happyone : ) said...

This has been the year of tornados. They just come one after another and in places that don't normally have them.
Glad that all is well with you and your family.
Hope you get your electric back soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope your house's electricity is restored soon, Craver! I am glad you and your family were safe.

donsands said...

Tornados are fierce. Glad all is well with the Craver household.

We had such a Rainbow this morning at 6:00 am let me tell you. Never saw one so brilliant. And God set it there, just He sent the tornado. What a great an awesome Lord and Creator we serve and have as our Father.

Have a great weekend my friend!

Craver Vii said...

Well said, Chris. I agree 100%!

Shocking news is reaching us day after day. Happyone, I hope I do not let myself become numb to the suffering of others. I also hope that when suffering comes my way, by His grace, I handle it in a God-honoring way.

Me too, Rachel Grace. The novelty of candles will wear off if it remains a necessity too long.

Sandman, there was one sight that I had never seen. The grass was completely gone from someone's lawn, and all that remained was a sheet of mud. That was strange. May every wonder I behold remind me of the One who created and sustains everything.

Shammickite said...

I'm very relieved that you and your family are safe. It seems that we are all experiencing bad weather. We've had rain and wind and thunderstorms for the past week, with more forecast for this afternoon. But no tornadoes yet, thank goodness.
There was a tornado slightly north of here about 20 years ago that did a lot of damage and the roof of the house that OlderSon lives in now was blown off. Lets hope history does not repeat itself.

lime said...

wow! that is a huge tree to have been knocked down. so glad there were no injuries.

imac said...

Glad to hear all the Craver clan are ok my friend.

Denise said...

So sorry to hear about the tornadoes. I hope everyone was okay and that you have gotten your electricity back by now.