Thursday, July 14, 2011

virtual shoebox of JPEGs

Hmmm... what do I do now that I do not have a camera? I think I'm going through denial, do you know why? Yesterday, I recharged all of my batteries... even though I can't use them. Unless or until God provides, contentment is where I need to be.


Sorting through the virtual shoebox of archived pics, the first ones I see are from last week's portrait sessions. This bunch will probably not end up in a framed 8 x 10. But I'll tell you, we had such a fun time goofing off and making each other laugh!


I wonder what else we can find in our virtual shoebox. Ooh, I see some good ones...


imac said...

Oh, it must feel as you have lost your right arm - my friend, like the shoe box collection tho.
If you lived near me - you could have borrowed my other camera.

Thinking of you.

George said...

I think I would be completely lost without my camera. But these are wonderful photos. I look forward to seeing more of the treasures you found in that shoebox.

Craver Vii said...

George, I think the trick is going to be to try to find pics I haven't aready used. Plus, I can still use my wife's compact point-n-shoot.

Wow, you would do that for me, Imac? Hey, you know there is a house for sale next door, and around here, the English are treated like celebrities. I'm just sayin'. ;-)

imac said...

Buy that house for me and I'll come and even give tou that camera my friend.

Shammickite said...

Love that assortment of photos!
BTW, my little ancient 8 or 9 year old point and shoot camera has been on its last legs for ages. The battery compartment is held shut with an elastic band. However, it keeps on going, knock on wood, as I can't afford a new one, even though I'd love to buy one.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

can't wait to see more!

these are just lovely photographs!

happy weekend!

lime said...

you are without a camera? oh no!

glad you'e got a good shoebox to look through though!

word veri: need one for the camera?

Craver Vii said...

Ah well. I had to try, Imac.

8 or 9 years is a long time for digital cameras, isn't it Shammy? Have you looked at the point & shoots lately? The quality-to-price ratio yields an excellent value for the money.

Thank you Betty. And it was a happy weekend. We had a wonderful family get-together. I got to spend time with my siblings, parents, children, and grandchildren! Oh, that was so good!!

A hearse for the camera, Lime? I still have the camera body, but haven't figured out how to give it a proper send-off. My guess is that it will be a child's toy, or maybe someone can use it for training purposes.

EG Wow said...

You might be pleasantly surprised to find out what's hiding in your old photos.