Tuesday, August 09, 2011


It's not that I have been painfully busy lately. No. I haven't been around much because I'm hiding from these guys. I better hurry up and add something before someone corrects me: this looks like a male mosquito because of the feathery antennae; it's the females that go for your blood.


[You can click to enlarge the mosquito, but why on earth would anyone want to do that!]


donsands said...

The Mosquitoes here in Maryland have been very busy this summer biting us. My grandson's legs are full of read bumps.
And I hate it when I slap and smash one of these wicked bugs on my leg, and there's a bit of blood which spills out. Sick.

Big question: Why did God make these creatures?

Another excellent photo Craver.

George said...

I don't blame you for hiding from these characters -- male or female.

Shammickite said...

Our damp spring caused more mozzies to hatch than usual according to the news, but I haven't seen very many this summer so far. When I first came to live in N America, it only took one mozzie bite to cause a huge swelling, but I seem to have built up a tolerance to the little devils now.

Craver Vii said...

Good question, Sandman. I personally subscribe to the Original Sin theory. That is to say that they did not exist prior to Adam's fall. But to be fair, they are important to the sustenance of lots of other stuff. They say that if you could somehow immediately wipe out all mosquitoes, that would throw off the ecosystem so badly, that it would be catastrophic, even resulting in the extinction of the human race. I don't know, but let's try it anyway! ;-)

Ugh, they're so bothersome, George. Mosquitoes fuel my love for cold weather.

Shammy, if they're devils, maybe we should burn them. Have you seen the exploding mosquito video?

imac said...

True Craver, also about the mosquitoes

Shenese said...

Nice photo! Mosquitoes are very bothersome and I try not to get bitten from them in the summertime. Mosquitos are like vampires. >_<

Anyways, thanks for commenting on my blog! ^_^

lime said...

the boys may not suck the blood but they make the girls wanna suck blood. SWAT!

(good pic though!)