Thursday, September 15, 2011

turtle whisperer

While camping at Timber-Lee, we visited their Science Center. They have live animals and lots of interesting exhibits. We took the grandies for a tour. Grandson liked handling live snakes in the reptile house. I thought that was cool. Here is our little wild man staring down a painted turtle. Ha! The serene pose works for the photograph, but I know the real child, and what he is capable of. When we went downstairs, all the children were instructed to sit akimbo on a carpet, while the tour guide gave some basic information and handling instructions for the small mammals and birds. Boy is two and-a-half, so he completely ignored the presenter. Instead, when he saw that Poppa was sitting on the carpet, he remembered our game from the day before. That means that he rushes me for a tackle... over and over and over... That's the equivalent to doing one hundred sit-ups!


Granddaughter did not handle the animals, and for the most part, she refused to be handled by anyone other than her auntie. But every once in a while, she forgot that she decided that she was not supposed to be having fun. Here, she found delight simply by lying flat on the floor.


Before the week was over, Granddaughter smiled more and more, sometimes laughing and hugging. She is still much more reserved than her big brother, but all things considered, there was a remarkable turn-around in her initial demeanor from last Thursday!


My daughter made one comment about their time away. She talked about how much she was able to enjoy the vacation with her husband, especially without having to constantly look down and exclaim, "Omigosh! Where are the kids?" I'm glad we could do that for them. It made us real tired, but isn't that what love is about?


lime said...

lol, i remember my son playing the tackle game with ANYONE who opted to sit on the floor. glad the granddaughter came around a bit and i have no doubt your daughter ad SIL truly appreciated the time away.

Teacher's Pet said...

This post is full of love...and what a joy it was to read! (The photos are great, too. I see that you capture the spirit of the children beautifully....and that's not the camera, my friend....that's the photographer. Great job!!)
Much fun for me to visualize your Grandson putting the tackling move on Poppa....handling snakes....(what an adventerous lad he is!) Your Granddaughter sounds like a sweet and loving little girl. I'm glad that you were able to spend time with your Grands. I'm happy that your daughter and son-in-law enjoyed their time together. All around, it sounds like a "win/win" time for everyone. Such love....

imac said...

Strange how we get tired quicker as we get older,lol.
Keeps you out of trouble too eh?,lol.

Craver Vii said...

You've posted recent photos of your son, Lime. I hope for your sake he doesn't play that tackle game with you any more. ;-)

So glad that the affection shone through, Jackie. It's not just words... I truly have been blessed.

Now that's the thing, Imac. You'd think these slow bones would find less trouble, but somehow I manage. :-D

chris said...

So beautiful experience and relationship... I can see that even if it was hard you enjoyed it and that the most important ;-)

RuneE said...

... and what are children for? :-)

Shammickite said...

Marvellous. I'm so glad that your little ones are getting to know you both. I see my little ones all the time and they run to me with open arms when they come to visit.... I consider myself so lucky! I feel sad for my parents who didn't see my children... and one of them not at all!

Craver Vii said...

I just hope to serve them well, Chris. It is selfish of me to try to steer things so that I have fun, or so that I am comfortable. Selfish, but oh so natural. The best times are when I do the right thing and see my wife's smile radiate through her beautiful eyes.

Laughter, nurture and cuteness would be my short answer, RuneE. It's wonderful to make them laugh, to see them grow healthy in mind, body and spirit, and their unique personalities can crack me up and make my day.

I can identify with that pain, Shammy. Life does not always go the way we want it to. Ideally, lots of things should be different. (hug)