Tuesday, November 15, 2011

crepuscular collection

I drove up to Wisconsin this weekend, and had a little time to kill in the late afternoon. The sun was very low on the horizon, and the drama of daylight's finale would climax quickly, followed just as quickly by the drawing of an opaque curtain.


First, I worked to get the most realistic colors in this shot (above). Then, I toyed with the color settings in the camera, pulling one color or another. I fiddled with saturation, too. But I ended up most satisfied with a simple black & white. [click on any photo to enlarge]


My favorite part of the amber waves of grain was the closest stalks, with their wavy details.


There was a wooded area bordering the South of the property, and this is where I have done some archery. This path interests me because of how well lit the pathway stays, and how dark the woods can be on either side. When someone looks at this spot, they might just see a hill. Do you know what I see? My mind goes back to a time when I worked with campers there, and some children had the misfortune of disturbing a swarm of ground nesting yellow jackets. I also picture, in my mind's eye, my own children rolling down that hill. Thankfully, these are two separate stories, and not the same event.


This last one was inspired by David Herrick, who's pictures I've seen on Facebook recently.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics! :)

Betty Manousos said...

wow! SUPERB shots and colours!!
great views, too.
looks like you had a really productive day!

love them all, especially the bottom one.

happyone said...

I can picture myself walking down that grassy path! The last picture is especially pretty!!

Jackie said...

I loved the journey, Craver.
Looking at all your photos, I see beauty of differing kinds in each of them.
Wonderful job of storytelling...with photos and with your words. Thank you for sharing both.
Hugs and smiles,
P.S. Loved your twilight vocabulary with alliteration. Go Craver!!

donsands said...

Crav, you is the "Photo-Dude". Great photographs my friend.
Thanks for posting. I suppose the color pics are the most awe inspiring, but B&W pics sure can move the heart as well.
I thought of these, I have seen before:


And Craver, I had a follow post to your last comment at my blog bro. Just in case you want to chek it out. Peace in Christ.

Pastor Dave said...


Craver Vii said...

I'm glad you liked them, Rachel Grace. I am always happy to be on the grounds of Timber-Lee, and wanted my photos to reflect how much I love that place.

"Productive day," Betty? Do you know what's funny about that? Normally, I would consider six hours of driving to be more on the side of wasted than productive, but after taking these pics, and more than that--the time spent with my wife at my side, I absolutely agree! The trip was richly rewarding... very productive indeed. :-)

Do you know what, Happyone? I have never walked down that path. There is a gravel path that runs parallel to this one, and large fields on either side. I've done a lot of walking there, but when it comes to this path, I have only cut across it. Now, THAT is something I want to remedy!

Craver Vii said...

Alliteration was the "cherry on top" for me, Jackie. I don't feel satisfaction with a post until I have given it a good name. I appreciate your encouraging words! :-)

Sandman... my brother from another mother! Seriously man, I feel as much your kin as anything. I have also been going through a journey of learning to appreciate B&W pics more. Last night, I made a mental note of a book I want to check out from the library. Books, books, books... so many books, and so little time.

Yes, I saw your response to my comment. I wanted to say more, but I also want to leave you the honor of the last word. Since you brought it up though, I looked again at what Joni was saying, and I think Martus was addressing a different issue. The thing she was addressing, or my interpretation of it, is something I'd like to create a post about some day.

So glad you're impressed, Mr. Dave. I have really enjoyed seeing things through your pics, too.

imac said...

Artist of the week Craver my friend.
Finest work on all photos.

I hope you enjoyed yourself - as much as I do when playing with photos.

Wendy said...

Awesome shots! Really like the second and last ones.

EG CameraGirl said...

Interesting how you started with b&w and ended with such a colourful shot. I like them all!

Craver Vii said...

That's a high compliment, Imac. Very gracious of you, especially when your own blog has such beautiful post card collages this week.

Thanks so much, Wendy. It's like Imac said, I had loads of fun taking the pics and then selecting and tweaking images.

B&W is very challenging to me, EG. I need to pay more attention to it, and learn what it takes to intentionally capture a decent monochrome, rather than what I do now, which is to experiment by pulling the color out of my regular photos. I'm glad you liked these.

lime said...

the b&w really is dramatic. i wouldn't have expected so much detail in the sky, but it's great.