Monday, November 07, 2011

restless and runcible

The Pentax was feeling neglected, so camera in hand, I went to a local park, and meandered around the pond. There were so many geese there, that I thought I would get a good picture of them. Sorry; I was not happy with how those turned out. (Geese are kinda gross when you have to walk where they have walked... especially when there are hundreds like there were at this park.)


Let's see, where was I? Oh, yeah... so I have the camera in my hands, scouring the area with a discerning eye, thinking, "I've gotta shoot something." Hmmm... It's a good thing I did not say that out loud.


I took a picture of these very trees recently, but I like the colors better this time around. That, plus I used a tripod this time. (sigh) I think I got what I came for!


Incidentally, if you pass through my beloved town and feel the urge to skate on or near this pond, be sure to carry rocks in your pockets. Apparently, you can avoid getting in trouble by flinging stones at the authorities. I have no idea how it works, but there it is, in black & white. Punctuation matters, people.


Jackie said...

Luv punctuation.
It matters...( Eats, Shoots and Leaves)....and I get a kick out of finding signs like the one you posted. :)))
I always enlarge photos if they are "enlargeable"...and when I looked at the trees that you photographed with the tripod, I smiled. Beautiful shot, Craver.
I'm sorry about the goosepoo...hard to navigate through (around) that. Yuck.
(Duck yuck ?? )
I've been wondering where you were...and am glad to see that you've dusted off the Pentax.
Our gain!!

Jackie said...

Ooooops....I have to smile at myself (always helps to do that)...
Just re-read my comment (always do that AFTER I post it....should do it "before" I post...sigh...but that would be so NOT me...) and see that I said "photographed with the tripod".... Well...that would be a misplaced modifier...and would be terribly hard to do....but, knowing Craver....Craver could.
P.S. If there are mistakes with this second comment, I'm letting the hair go with the hide....!!!

happyone said...

I know what you mean about the geese!!

Beautiful fall colors.

lime said...

LOL @ the grammar on the sign. that's actually pretty hilarious.

Betty Manousos said...

what incredibly beautiful fall colours!
love it!

Betty Manousos said...

quite hilarious sign, too!

Craver Vii said...

Jackie, I see you are acquainted with the homicidal panda. Hey, a dangling modifier walks into a bar. After finishing a drink, the bartender asks it to leave. Keen eyes, my dear. :-)

"Duck yuck" indeed. That is so much more lyrical than "goose poop."

Yet another reason I do not usually wear flip-flops, Happyone. Yes, those colors really caught my attention.

That was an unexpected find, Lime... totally not what I was looking for.

Thank you Betty. I was also drawn to this particular view, because it had an interesting depth to it. A street separated the trees in the foreground from the yellow leaves in the background.

imac said...

Well, now that you have scraped off that Goose or Duck Poo(Duck Yuck)(as our friend says) from your shoes.

I love your Autumn colour on your trees.

Glad you didnt drop your camera in the

EG CameraGirl said...

Seems strange but I read it here myself. Why does your town allow rock throwing?