Friday, December 09, 2011

decked halls

Have a gander at that beautiful thing in the frame. Oh look--there is a photo of mine inside there, too! ;-)


Wow, some folks asked me to submit some of my winter scenes to deck their halls for a Christmas party. What an honor! I gave them a baker's dozen. They'll give them away after the party like door prizes.


There is one other contributor to this photography idea. It is none other than our pal, Mr. Dave. I hope to come away from that party with one of his prints. He has a knack for nice animal photographs. I'm outta here, Folks - gotta go warm up my voice... Mrs. Craver and I are joining friends to go caroling tonight! Brrr... it's 20 degrees out there. It feels like 10. Forget the voice... I'm going to pack some layers on and warm up my head, hands and feet!


Jackie said...

Enlarged it, looked at it, and love it. Great photo. I imagine that those who deck their halls with your photos will receive immense pleasure from them.
I hope you and Mrs. Craver had the best time caroling. What a fun evening! It's colder where you are than it is here. We're still running the air conditioner in the car and here at home, too. I'm looking forward to cold weather....but we won't have very much of it.
Enjoy your weekend, my friend.
Smiles to you and yours,

mr. dave said...

never thought about entering our own raffle,craver. but i guess i will and maybe snatch one of your great photo's,too.

Happyone:-) said...

Did you have hot chocolate when you got back?

Funny word verification today.

imac said...

Whos that guy with that great pic on the wall??.lol.

If you knock on our door, I'll let you sing 3 carols then open the door and give you a pkt of Tunes,lol.

Good luck my friend - Keep warm.

Ah verification word was hymbefo,lol.

Craver Vii said...

I hope you looked at the photo through the link in the text, Jackie. That one will be the clearest pic. We just had our first measurable snow. This is later than usual for us, and it was only 1/2 inch, but it stuck. I think that adds to the whole caroling experience.

Mr. Dave, my daughter likes wolves. I was hoping to get one of those, or even the sled dogs, so that she could put it up on her wall.

Oh yeah, we sure did, Happyone!! Hot chocolate tastes so much better after having been in the cold for a while. At least, that's what I thinksly.

"Hymbefo" ...hymn before... as in the old hymns. Our songs were a bunch of old classics, Imac. We didn't even try to do any new ones. Those would fall in the category of hymafta.

Christine said...

Good job, Mr. CV! It definitely is a thrill to see your own photos on someone else's wall (or in print)! Congrats and enjoy the glow. It is well-deserved. :)

Hope singing went well tonight; we're going out the week of Christmas, brr.


Anonymous said...


Also, congratulations! :-)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

congrats, craver! it definitely is great to see your own photos on someone else's wall.

that is a great photo!
hope your day is going well.


Craver Vii said...

Thanks for the kind words, Christine. The singing went well, except for one song, where they typed up some alternate lyrics, and it was tough to figure out the syllable breaks. I definitely contributed to the train wreck on verse two. I hope you enjoy your caroling... bundle up good.

Well, I hope you get to do that soon Jenn. We had a pretty good-sized group. It was bigger than our regular choir, and we had plenty of enthusiastic voices.

The photos are all down off the hallway now. Their Christmas party is done. Betty, I was glad that I did not have to sit through the raffle waiting to see which one of "my children" was going to be the last one picked for the softball team. I hope they are a blessing to someone, wherever they go.