Monday, January 09, 2012

an angel among saints

Whew! I have been worked like a dog lately! (That makes as much sense literally, as sweating like a pig.) Gabriel, the dog in this photo is an angel in a house of saints. By way of explanation, the home is owned by godly Christians (saints), and the dog is named after an archangel. Christopher Walken played that same angel in a 1995 movie called The Prophesy, but his character was nothing like either of the other Gabriels. This dog does not work hard at all. He exists by gobbling up dog chow and tons of affection.


But I digress. Recent events my own life seem to be accumulating exponentially, unrealistically growing into a kind of TARDIS effect, pushing more on my plate that what I can conceivably handle. What I would like to do is just sit for a while and let someone else come and scratch behind my ears, say "good boy" and toss me a treat. Is that too much to ask?


Gotta go. Lots to do!


Happyone said...

Maybe you have to learn to say no once in awhile?
I love Labs and still miss my Sammy who died a dozen years ago.

Jackie said...

Oh Craver... I feel the same way!!!
How ironically (wonderful) to read that a fellow Christian is feeling this way.
I have so much on my plate right now that I am feelin overwhelmed.
I will pray for you, and I do covet your prayers for me and for my family. Family sickness has just about taken over much to the point that I've thought of not blogging for a while. And then, I read your blog and feel that God will get us through matter what.
I will hit "publish your comment" and then I will pray for you, Craver. Knowing you through this blog, I know that you will pray for me, too, and I thank you in advance for that.

Craver Vii said...

You are absolutely right, Happyone. The bulk of this pressure is work-related though and my whole department has been overwhelmed for various reasons. My boss was hit harder than anyone else, and has been very encouraging to the rest of us. Even though you miss your Sammy today, it is great to have had a good dog, isn't it?

I know what you mean Jackie. It is SO GOOD to know that blogging can be more than passive entertainment, but result in this kind of prayer and encouragement. Thank you!!! :-)

Same goes with me then... as I click "publish your comment," I will offer up supplication to the Lord on your behalf.

lime said...

we all need that sometimes. hope you get some.

imac said...

What you need my friend is some Me Time.

Come spend a moment of time and see
come watch St Ives Fireworks on New Years Eve + Youtube video

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

wow! what an adorable pup! i love labs! beautiful photo, too!!

i'm with imac, some "me" time sounds great to me!
we all need that from time to time.

have a great day!

Craver Vii said...

Thanks Lime. So tired.

Imac, your fireworks photos turned out perfectly. You are really gifted; do you know that?

Gabriel is a good boy, Betty. He has a mellow disposition.

Shammickite said...

I do think that saying No is a good idea when overwhelmed with tasks. And once people find out you are willing to offer a helping hand, sometimes you can be taken advantage of..... unknowingly, but It happens.
Gabriel looks like a calming influence.... perhaps you should take him for a nice long walk. Doggy walks are great therapy. I take YoungerSon's dog out for walkies whenever I need some fresh air and a new outlook on life. It works!