Sunday, February 26, 2012

hangin' in there

This leaf is not a quitter! All the other leaves out front are long gone, but this one remains. Day after day, I'm impressed at its tenacity. I wasn't sure if it would make a good photo subject, but the coloring from an evening's sunlight adds a hint of drama.


I have remained, as well, but I had to use a whole week's worth of sick pay. I hate being sick. I don't like leaving my coworkers with my burden (but a part of me also hopes that they can't get along without me). My original thought for today's post was to chronicle the events with paragraph headings like, "Monday..., Tuesday..., etc." That would have been tedious and boring. Long story short, my blood pressure was in a scary place, and I had a host of complications. I'm better now.


The meds leave me drained before the day even starts and I stay tired until bed time, but that's better than the tension headaches, nervous jitters, and sleepless nights that I had to endure a few days ago.


I owe a debt of gratitude to Mrs. Craver, who did a tremendous job of taking care of me morning, noon and night. Thanks be to God that we are using health insurance and not life insurance! I appreciate the prayers of my friends, and every word of encouragement along the way.


George said...

I'm glad you are as tenacious ad that leaf and are on the mend. I hope you are soon completely recovered.

Where would we be without the wonderful women we married?

Wendy said...

I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better, thank goodness for Mrs. Craver :)
I hear ya about taking time off work, I always feel guilty whenever I have to take a sick day.

Take care of yourself :)

Happyone said...

So sorry to hear that you have been so sick. Hope your back to 'normal' soon!

Craver Vii said...

Betsy is a fine lady, George. I get a boost from the way you two care for each other.

Sounds like you've got a good work ethic Wendy. One former employer would award unused sick time as a "stay well bonus." That bonus came a couple weeks before Christmas. I wish everyone would do that.

Normal? Why change now, Happyone? ;-)

imac said...

A little TLC goes a long way my friend, glad you are feeling a little better - as the leaf is - hang on in there young

Chris said...

Wow take care and be careful! I'm happy you are better but hope for the best in the next coming days!

Carletta said...

The light worked in your favor. :)

You take care of yourself!
Hope by the time you're reading this that you are indeed much better.
Hugs and Blessings.

Craver Vii said...

TLC is Mrs. Craver's specialty, Imac. I am a blessed man.

Thank you for your kind wishes Chris. I hope to begin sleeping better soon.

I'm taking it day by day, Carletta. I think I had to stand on a crate for the perspective I wanted on the tenacious leaf.

EG Wow said...

I'm so glad the medication is working, Craver! Take good care of yourself!

lime said...

i'm sorry i am so late getting here. sounds like it was a very scary episode! glad you are doing better and i hope much more by now.

mr. dave said...

Glad your getting better! hope to see you in the office this week.