Wednesday, March 28, 2012

beautiful days/troublesome nights

Aah, today is (inhaling deeply) just the way I like it. It's mostly sunny, refreshingly cool and breezy. I urged the good people in my department to avoid going outside for break, for fear that the meteorological factors would prove to be too captivating for my coworkers to return inside. Spring is breaking forth all around us!


As for me, I am keeping my nose to the grindstone, despite this persistent insomnia. The good news is that I have been staying on top of my work, plus minding my family as I should; I'm not feeling irritable like before. The bad news is that I have had no energy left to pursue photography. My Pentax sits collecting dust. Fortunately, someone handed down their little Nikon point-n-shoot, and I tried it on these crocuses. This shot was easy pickings.


I have not described this insomnia for you, have I? It's like this: You avoid caffeine and naps, so that "your body's sleep clock" doesn't get confused, right? Then you consistently hit the sack at a good time. I go so far as to make sure everyone else in the house goes to bed, too. After everyone else is snoring contently, you remain awake and alert for what seems to be an inordinately long time. But somehow you eventually start to sleep, because something wakes you up! It is a gasp reflex after the body somehow forgets to breathe for a while. This cycles a few times until you have to get up to use the bathroom. Returning to bed, curiosity turns your gaze to the clock, thinking it must be 4 or 5 AM. Nope. It's barely been an hour since retiring for the night. Deep sleep evades me. This happens again and again until the alarm clock rings, and my face feels so droopy that I must look like an old hound dog. (howwwwwwwl)


happyone said...

The spring flowers are beautiful.
So sorry you haven't been able to sleep. That must be awful. I pray you sleep good tonight.

George said...

I'm sorry to hear that you are still having trouble sleeping. I hope the problem soon goes away. I must say, however, that you do get wonderful pictures with the point-and-shoot camera.

Pastor Dave said...

love the springtime!

Sometimes,even in his old age, Francis The Dog would wake me up around 2am for a scooby snack and play.sleep well my friend,sleep well!

imac said...

I feel for you my friend.
Try a little tipple of whisky at night.
Love the shot with your p&s.

lime said...

oh insomnia is a hard hard thing. sorry to hear it is plaguing you.

Chris said...

yek not nice to have insomnia... I got some now because of my foot surgery and it is not nice. But I can sleep during the day as I'm in sick days for two weeks. Happy for you that you have spring, we are still waiting for it ;-)

Betty Manousos said...

i used to be an insomniac, and i know how it feels.
here are two tips...ear plugs, i always wear them when i sleep, and i found a way to block some distracting lights...if it is dar and quiet, and you are tired, you should have no trouble falling asleep.
i hope that this helps and that things get better for you.

that is a gorgeous flower shot btw.

Shammickite said...

Do you read in bed before you go to sleep? I always have a library book on the bedside table, and reading a couple of chapters is great way to relax and take your mind off whatever has gone on during the busy day.

Craver Vii said...

These flowers are special to me because they were the first to blossom on a particular walkway this year. I appreciate the prayers, Happyone.

I shouldn't be surprised that a person gets tired early without sleep, George. I'm running out of steam too early, and I don't have the drive to complete the things I had hoped. This little camera is easier to keep with me all the time. It is discreet as well, so people won't identify me as "the photographer" all the time.

That's the beauty of having all those kids at home Mr. Dave. Every once-in-a-while my dog does that, and if he needs anything other than "watering the lawn," I will send him to one of the kids' rooms.

Okay, I tried it. Imac, I know so little about whiskey, that I sampled what someone else recommended. Tossing back an ounce of Wild Turkey is like trying to kiss a speeding locomotive. I used it to make a hot toddy. That was easier, but I didn't notice any relaxing effect. Mostly, the after-effect was like swallowing a scouring pad. Is that normal? (Maybe it's just me.) Any recommendations?

Craver Vii said...

The scary thing Lime, is that I think this is affecting my accuracy and productivity at work. I didn't win that big lottery (didn't even play), so I need this job.

Oh boy, Chris! I had to take a week off work last month, and I hated it. As good as my family was to me, I felt totally out of place. I wanted to work! I hope you find something to keep your mind engaged, and that recovery goes well.

Ear plugs have been very helpful for me in the past, Betty. I started using them when I worked nights (25 yrs ago). I tried them again, but it had no effect this time. The house is quiet and my wife and kids go to bed at the same time, so it's dark and quiet. I'm glad you liked those flowers.

Good question, Shammy. While I am a strong proponent of continuing education, reading comes difficult for me... I'm not sure whether it's because of ADD or something else. Still, I force myself to read every day -- and it is a good discipline, but not something I do for pleasure. Unfortunately, for me reading is more an exercise of gearing up rather than winding down.

Rachel Grace said...

I'm sorry you haven't been able to get a good night's sleep Craver. I pray that you get a good night's sleep tonight though so you can enjoy the beautiful days more and not be so tired.

EG CameraGirl said...

I hope you've seen a doctor about this insomnia!

That point and shoot took a very nice photo. I'm impressed!

Jackie said...

Sounds like you have sleep apnea. The constant awakening...
I do pray for relief for you, my friend.