Wednesday, March 20, 2013

look down

Header Challenge:look down

May 20, 2013

Normally, we keep our chin up and take on the world at eye level, which is fine for most things. But there are so many interesting observations we would miss if we did that with our cameras. Therefore, I chose "look down" for this week's Headbanger's theme. Check out my  pals for their interpretations on this theme: Fishing  Guy, Katney, Imac and Lew.

Lead mining in Galena, Illinois
Lead mining in Galena.  If you're up on your geology, that will sound redundant.  The man below isn't real; it's a mannequin, and this was taken through a thick pane of protective glass.  We couldn't venture down into the mine, but the closest access was an observatory the size of a closet.  There was a museum on the main floor with plenty of artifacts and information, though.

baby 'possum
This little fella was found in my backyard last year, and the following morning, I found him again as I was doing yard work.  We took him to a local refuge, because if he stayed around here without his momma, he'd only be coyote bait.

wee little toad
Most wild animals are shy and skittish, and that makes it difficult to get a shot off.  That was not the case with this guy.  I used a tripod and manual focus.  When I tried moving him around to a different pose, he decided he was finished with me and hopped back into the leaves.

oak leaves in shimmering lake
This was taken flat on my belly, off a pier in Wisconsin.  The sparkles in the water drew my attention, and since it was in constant motion, I wondered if I could snap a relatively sharp image, and it worked.

Speaking of being flat on my belly, that's what I did to capture the header photo, too.  I walked past a room where someone had four cats.  There was nobody inside at the time to entertain them, and this one begged for my company, but I did not open the door for fear that I would end up chasing four cats through the whole building!  So instead, I talked to this cat from the gap under the door.


Jackie said...

Love LOVE love your header.
Only you, Craver...only you...would get a belly shot of a kitty.
Can you imagine what the kitty was thinking? :))
Love the header. fave photo of this bunch (I know that we don't have to pick a fave, but I find myself doing that) the one of the leaves in the water. I'm so glad that you got another belly shot. This one is incredibly beautiful. I love the light. Great eye, my always.

Lew said...

The little guy just wants some company! Love the floating leaves!

imac said...

Real neat shots my friend, little critter eh, Like the mine too.

George said...

Your header is cute -- I love it. But then all of your photos for this theme are wonderful.

Happyone said...

Ah what a cute little guy.

Carletta said...

Ahh...lonely kitty!
I love the leaves and the sparkles!
I toured a coal mine once. Not sure I'd do well underground. Hmmm...just realized how that sounded. Well, at the end I won't know so it will be ok. :)

Pearl said...

What fun pictures!

Caves fascinate me, and I used to do a bit of spelunking in my youth...


Chris said...

The header is superb!!! And original... Excellent post!

lime said...

ok, my favorite is definitely the cat looking under the door. that is just a fantastic shot!