Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's in the clouds?

Header Challenge: What's in the clouds?

July 24, 2013

Have you ever looked for familiar shapes among the clouds to try to identify a dolphin or butterfly, etc? Apparently, lots of people do this. Believe it or not, that has never caught on with me, and I do not know why. When I look into a cloud, I am fixed on details like density and depth perception. The faint wisps fascinate me as much as the thick rows or thunderheads.

Katney gave us today's challenge, which is What's in the clouds?  Check out my pals for their interpretations on this theme: Fishing  Guy, Katney, Imac and Lew.

I used a polarizing filter over the lens, and that gave the sky a deeper, darker blue appearance. I had hoped to find a few shapes that I could identify, but I mostly I just saw clouds. That's strange to me, because I DO see faces in lots of things! I can make a facial profile out in leaves, floor tiles... just about anywhere, but that part of my brain shuts off when it comes to clouds.

Do you know Mr. Stay Puft marshmallow man? I only know him from the movie Ghostbusters. I thought I could see a face like his in this cloud, but then I wanted to make sure everyone else saw it, so the final shot has been slightly manipulated to accent the eyes and mouth. I used dodge and burn to draw those features in more clearly, and then retouch to smooth the drawn parts into the cloud.

For comparison, here's the original picture that I used for the header.

The sun in the clouds, bursting through with sunbeams.

Would you like some BBQ sauce with them ribs?

Night lighting.  No tricks... this is the real thing.

Lightning at 5:30 PM.  Again, this is the real deal, and one of my faves.

Doesn't it look like the rainbow is being poured out of the clouds?



imac said...

Is that you Craver - in the clouds, lol.
Neat pics n post my friend.

Jackie said...

The sunbeams are incredibly beautiful. What a gorgeous shot! Love those ribs, too!! :)
I've never captured lightning. What awesome shots, Craver!! Lightning fascinates me, especially knowing that it comes from the ground and travels upward...exactly opposite of what it looks like. Beautiful and powerful shots!
The rainbow is always pretty to me. You and IMac blessed me with God's bow today!!
Get on with your smiley-cloud self....clever guy!

Lew said...

A delightful set of clouds you found! Love the face! And the rays and the lightning.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Craver: Enjoyed the post, I saw
Pac-Man for certain.

katney said...

Definitely PacMan. Some beautiful shots as well. Now the header face, well...

Happyone said...

Aren't you clever!! : )

George said...

You got some wonderful photos of the clouds (and the lightning). I also like the touch-up you did for your header.

Sandra said...

i don't see things in the clouds either, my friend does, she can find a lot of things in them. never a pac man though and it does look like one. i love the lightning bolt and i do love clouds, all of them.
i tried the black coffee, i just can't drink it.

Pearl said...