Wednesday, November 20, 2013



November 20, 2013

This week's challenge is purple, selected by Tom.  Check out my  pals for their  interpretations on this theme: Fishing Guy, Katney, Imac, Lew, and Christine Anne.

We had a nice, purple sky after a strong shower recently.

The lady in this photo is a budding photographer.  We can call her Faith.  She is creative and eager to learn.  The day I took this pic, we were standing on the lawn between our houses and talking about how to shoot the rainbow.  Usually I'm standing out there with her dad talking about the lawn, but this time Faith and I talked photography.  I told Faith how I like to let the camera meter for the background and then I add soft flash to fill in a subject in the foreground.  (When I'm using a simpler point-&-shoot, there isn't a control for the flash intensity, so I soften it with tissue or a napkin.)  She liked the idea and I handed her my camera to see how Faith would compose shots of her plants and flowers on the front lawn.  She was so easy to pose and was very comfortable being the subject for pics, so we may end up seeing more of her in the future.

As you think of it, please pray for her family.  She lost her mother last year around Christmastime, to a very aggressive cancer.  Faith's dad is a strong man who doesn't wear emotions on his sleeve, but I imagine that this loss is devastating.  Pray for me also, that I might know how to impart the compassion of Christ to these good neighbors.


katney said...

Great to be able to share your photographic instincts with your young neighbor, and I know that your faith is a great model of faith for Faith as well.

imac said...

Thoughts sent to Faith and Family.
Purple Rain then Purple sky - eh my friend.

Jackie said...

She has a wonderful teacher...and she should be able to learn a lot from you, Craver. My prayers for her and for her Dad. Thank you for sharing prayer needs regarding your friends and neighbors. The world should be filled with more people like you.

Craver Vii said...

More people like me?? Jackie, that is a very kind thing to say. In the interest of fairness though, this blog (and Facebook) only shows my best side. There are plenty of people who have been quite frustrated with me regarding one thing or another. Even though I think I always have good intentions, I have my share of failures, laziness, foolish pride, etc. I am a sinner saved by grace and clothed in a righteousness that is not my own.

Having cleared that up, I can now say that your encouragement is most appreciated, and I need to hear such blessings now and then.

It's great to have you as a friend!!!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nice job this week Craver. I enjoyed your story to go with the photo.

Christine said...

Craver, somehow we've been on the same wavelength for photos lately. Love your interpretation on both the color, and your image of Faith with the rainbow. That speaks volumes symbolically, given her story. I pray that your family would be ministers of God's healing to Faith and her family!

Lew said...

Beautiful portrait and wonderful purple sky! My thoughts to Faith and her Dad. To you, just keep doing things like this and your list of good deeds will certainly be a long one.

George said...

Your header is beautiful -- Faith is a lovely girl. We'll keep her family (and you) in our prayers.