Friday, May 12, 2006

Me Tarzan!

My wife is so fun! The other night, she pulled the sheets over her face, so I couldn't kiss her goodnight. I tried to bribe her by saying, "I'll give you a nickel..." As quick as a wink, she smacked lips and then holding out her hand, demanded, "Where's my nickel?" I chuckled, but she persisted. Wouldn't you know that I found all kinds of foreign coins and a ton of pennies, but no nickel? (She wouldn't take pennies.) The kids were asleep, and I knew I wasn't going to get sleep, so I went into the hall to wake them up..."Hey Kids...anyone got a nickel?" My daughter's small voice called from downstairs. She had coins in her "treasure box." What's a treasure box, you ask? It's the last box you look in, deep in her closet, and it's filled with pretend jewels, and buttons and a dollar or so in change. I paid her 25 pennies for the one nickel. When I finally brought the nickel to my darling bride, she bit it as if to see if it was real. Yeah, she's kind of a freak that way. It looked as if we were going to laugh ourselves to sleep that night. Finally, it was all quiet. I started thinking about how much I really enjoy her; we have so much fun together. I turned and asked, "Wanna dime?" Posted by Picasa

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Mary said...

Mom is crazy. 'Nuff said. :)