Friday, June 02, 2006

Church Discipline?

I'll admit it. He let me flip him. Otherwise, he could have squashed me like a bug. All I care about is that when the flash went off, I was winning. :-)
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Mary said...

Did you kick him in the mouth, too? :)

Lady Fair said...

This is the most amazing picture I've ever seen. lol!

Halfmom said...

Very cool - even if he "let" you, he's still a pretty big boy!

Craver Vii said...

Mary, you will always have that one over me. Here's what happened, folks. When she was five, she and I were play-fighting. Yeah, I fight with little girls...shut-up an listen!
I did this awesome combo: a roundhouse kick to her gut brought her head down low enough for me to do a heel-kick to the back of the head and, still with the same foot, execute a double-roundhouse to the face. Except that she tried to grab my leg on the double-roundhouse and took my shin to her face. The next moment was this look of fright, shock and then the tears came. She cried, too.
Yeah, but she got me back later... She made a cute little fist, and said, "Smells like raspberries." I played along like I was going to smell and then she pretends to punch me, except she didn't pretend. Pow!-Right in the kisser!!