Friday, June 30, 2006


(That's not actually me in this photo. The guy in this shot has no moustache. I've had a moustache since I was two years old, so I had to crop the top of the picture.) Someone has decided that it would be a good thing to hold the morning worship services outside for the entire month of July. All members are encouraged to bring lawn chairs. Neighbors are always invited to “come and see,” but this will make it easier for them. I do not expect it to rain. Still, we won’t melt if we get a little wet. There is a rotation of people who serve on the worship team. The band met Wednesday night to practice, and guess what? The guy they expected to run sound…didn’t show up. I received the call while I was working on the front bushes. I had to hurry up and put stuff away and run over to the church. It was kind of a Clark Kent/Superman moment. ...okay, maybe not excactly. The band meets at 7. I arrived at 8:30, and we still had no music coming through the speakers. You know, it’s neat to have fresh sounds every week, but it really forces you to think on your feet and troubleshooting must be done frequently and quickly. We eventually got the temporary/outside gear hooked up, but there is still more to be done. And we did our practice inside the gymnasium, not outside. Sunday mornings, they usually arrive at 7 to prepare for the 9AM service. I haven’t even touched the wireless transmitters, hooked up the CD decks, tested recording levels, figured mic and speaker placements, gauged electrical requirements and load capacities… But wait, there’s more! The Sunday morning practice is done at normal volume. If we somehow get things together early on Sunday, how loud can we practice before our neighbors get angry at us for disturbing their beauty sleep? I'd hate for the cops to show up because a neighbor is upset. These are the things that have been going through my mind. Am I a timid little mouse or what?! Where is my faith?! Posted by Picasa

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Craver Vii said...

It rained as we got there to set up, so we held the service in the lobby. That was no picnic, either, but by 9 AM, we were ready for church. Amazing.