Friday, July 07, 2006


Busted! I did not mean to be speeding. But there I was, listening to the radio, gliding smoothly through one of the beautiful side-roads I found, paying no regard to the speedometer. I did not see him until he was right up on me with lights flashing. Rats! I've NEVER had a speeding ticket! But I did not try to weasel out of it. And I certainly did not plead for justice. If I had justice, how many speeding tickets would I have accrued since I've been driving?! My wife and I have different ideas about what to keep in our wallets. I like the least possible, while she goes for security--she has everything in there. On that day, I was driving her car. So, when I went for the insurance card in the glove-box, guess what? It wasn't there! That means two tickets, plus now I would have to stand before a judge to prove I had insurance that day. We cannot keep a careful watch over our shoulder, hoping God will not catch us when we break His law. He has a perfect record of every account. We dare not ask for justice, for we are all guilty and the punishment is death. But how marvelous it is that our holy God made a way to satisfy his justice, and provide mercy at the same time, through the blood of his blameless Son! I can live with the consequences from traffic court. But, unless we trust Jesus, our Subsitute, no one can live with the consequences that day when we face the Perfect Judge.


Mary said...

There was one time we were pulled over for having an expired plate sticker (it was like 2 weeks expired...but our plates were Illinois and we were in Kentucky). He said that if we went to the courthouse and showed him proof that we obtained a new sticker within so many days, we didn't actually have to go to traffic court and the ticket would be waived. We didn't have to stand before a judge, we went to some window that was near the actual courtroom. I can't remember exactly, it was about 4 years ago. Anyway, bummer about the that you have such an awesome attitude about it though!!

The answer to all this is simple, really....believe. :)

Craver Vii said...

You're so clever!

David Zimmerman said...

You've got some serious moxy to snap that photo, I'll grant you that.

My security code for this comment would be a good license plate: "KPVOW"

Keep your vow. Go and speed no more.