Monday, July 24, 2006

movie theme

Why is it so hard to get along? This weekend, I was expecting to see a movie about the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, and instead, I saw two sides deeply entrenched in their worldly cultures. Is Christianity all about Christians? I hope not!! Rather, it is about Christ, Himself! When I see a movie about two pastors, I expect to see two people regenerated by the Holy Spirit and conforming to the image of God's Son. It was a surprise to see people living up (or living down) to stereotypes. One of the pastors habitually swore and showed no remorse for it. Maybe the picture delivered some warm fuzzies here and there, but I would have enjoyed it more if I went into it knowing that it was not going to present the miracle of rebirth and sanctification, but instead focus on foolish conflicts that only exist this side of heaven. When the hand of God snatches a sinner from the pits of hell and the Holy Spirit takes up residence there, is that person only useful in his own neighborhood? One more thing...we (Christians) are commanded to love our neighbor as ourselves. That means everyone I come in contact with gets the same amount of love I would lavish upon myself. But there is a different standard for Christians. We are NOT commanded to love Christians as we love ourselves...I hope you're sitting down for this...Christians are commanded by Jesus to love each other "as I have loved you." That did not come across in the movie. I hope that the Christian community is earnestly striving to fix the world's perception of us, so we can set the record straight, thereby pointing past superficial social reforms and reflect the glory of the Holy One.


mm said...

Hey Victor. Interesting insight. What was the title of the movie?
By the way, this may sounds strange but if you want to see a Christ figure, check out "Ghandi" with Ben Kingsley. From the movie he follows Christ more than any other person in a lot of ways.

mm said...

where's my comment?

Craver Vii said...

The movie is called Second Chance. It features Michael W. Smith.

How do you feel about a non-Christian representing Christ better than Jesus' followers?

I grow weary from the attention given to the human failings of Christians for the sake of "being real." I think we're confusing a lot of people, because our faith is not about ourselves, rather, it is about Jesus Christ, Himself. If we are not shining the spotlight on the Lord, I would rather we got less attention. Strike that comment...we don't need to fade away, we need to do what's right, because we ARE going to be noticed.

As for me, I want to be like King David. Yes, he fell numerous times, but his story is not so much about his humanity, but how he sought to be reconciled to God. He was devoted to God, not because who David was, but because who God is. I feel this perspective makes a big difference, don't you?

Mary said...

I'm glad you posted this blog and mentioned which movie it was...Wes and I were interested in seeing it. Your comments about this movie are similar to some of the issues I had with Mel Gibson's portrayal of a pastor in the movie "Signs."

I agree with you about the different standards for Christians. Too many times it gets watered down and people just do the "wamr fuzzy" love afraid to speak the truth and hold each other accountable. I think of Paul...who dearly loved his fellow believers, but was NOT afraid to speak up when something was not right. Love that guy!