Friday, September 29, 2006

small world

Don’t we live in a tiny, tiny world? Just this week, I mingled with folks from Germany (Wie gatz, Oliver!), Northern Ireland (Hi mojo!), Japan (Konichiwa, Ai!), as well as missionaries in undisclosed locations in Asia. And I did not have to leave the area to do it! Though I am not broadly ecumenical, I also fellowshipped with Christians of different theological stripes. Thursday night, I was at a function where I hosted a social exchange in English and Spanish. All of this is hitting me at the same time, making me realize how small our planet actually is. With all these gaps being bridged in the here and now, I wonder what heaven is going to be like. There will be people of many different nations. I cannot seriously expect everyone to speak English. (It will be Spanish, of course!) But can you imagine what it will be like to worship our glorious Lord together with folks like Cassie Bernall (she said yes) of Columbine, John Knox, Augustine of Hippo, Stephen, the unnamed man crucified next to Jesus, Ezekiel, Abraham, Noah, and Enoch! There will be many who were not famous. What about children who have been redeemed? And don’t forget about those who have not even been born yet, who’s names are known to the One who has predestined that they should be saved. Imagine the delight to find people who you have had the privilege to witness to or disciple. Maybe you will find some who’s conversion you will not live to see. Nevertheless, while you still breathe, you still pray for them and take advantage of the opportunity to redeem your conversations with the message of Good News. With each person you recognize, whether it be saints of old, or your own descendants from future generations, the worship will not be paused or distracted, but continually renewed. How great is our God!


Jonathan Moorhead said...

Good questions to ponder.

Craver Vii said...

And again... small world!.

Jonathan! Welcome back! Did you learn any Russian? KHAK-vwee-jee VYOHT-zyeh, strahst-WEET-zyah! I think that loosely translates to: "What's up."

franko, I'm not sure what to make of your offer yet. I love the LORD, not money, or the web. If HE calls, I will go. Thanks; I'll pray about it. DAAN-ka.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

Thanks. Yeah, I learned a few words, but I have a feeling I will be learning a LOT more. We will pursue Russia until the Lord closes the door.