Monday, October 16, 2006

waiting 4 u

This is pastor appreciation month. This one post is how I will appreciate pastors this month. Next month, I'm going back to persecution mode. (Just kidding.) Really, I wanna talk about a pet peeve. Good pastors generally have too much work and not enough pay. And sometimes, a lot of times, people put demands on them that lobby for reprioritization or cut into family time. Here's what I think: If he's the shepherd, he calls the shots--not us sheep. A practical application here in blog world: If time goes by without hearing a preacher's post. He may or may not be encouraged by a comment unrelated to his last topic that says something like, "Time to post. When are you coming back?" I may be overreacting, but isn't posting actually one of the lower priorities of your generally overworked pastor and totally up to him when he does? Call me silly, but in my opinion, a pastor would MUCH rather see us applying his proclamations, than to hear us asking that he keep coming up with something clever for our ears. For instance, my pastor invited people to read through the Bible on the same schedule. I imagine that if you're already doing a scedule, you're excused, but if you're not doing a systematic read-through, are you on-board? Tuesday and Saturday nights, he has asked that we gather for corporate prayer. How's that going? The application questions printed every week at the bottom of his sermon notes... You get the picture. Pastors, I really, really hope that you get a good response from your sheep (myself included). And if you need time with your family, or another portion of your work, I won't complain. I'll be waiting patiently for your next word, and applying your counsel, rather than coaching you. Fellow sheep, do not forget to pray for your shepherds regularly.


David Zimmerman said...

Baaaa Humbug.

Har har. I love sheep jokes.

Being a well-intentioned sheep, I will try not to abuse my shepherd(s) for as long as my short attention span will allo--hey, why didn't my pastor use my sermon illustration!?!?

Mojo said...

Hi...thanks for leaving your wee message on my blog!

Well...let's see...the phrase 'Putting the world to rights'...I guess basically it means that my friends and I talk at length about the various topics - perhaps on our news reports - and try to come up with solutions that start with ourselves. For example...third world poverty ...when on a personal level - how can we help...maybe by sponsoring a child. Or the world resources and how we can do our part...maybe by not buying from the big supermarkets..but a local supplier who grows produce on a smaller scale which is kinder to the planet! Anyhow...when we think we've come up with a solution ...that what we say...'We've put the world to rights!'...hey, maybe it's just an Irish expression!! HA