Tuesday, November 07, 2006

chivalry lost

Walking out of the voting place today, I approached the exit just as a man was entering through that same door. Immediately behind him was a young mom with an infant in a stroller. I stepped aside and to my surprise, he let the door close quickly, giving no assistance to the lady. Her face registered a mild disappointment. What an embarrassment to real men everywhere. What a jerk. What an imbecile! Why couldn’t he take two seconds to give regard to the fairer gender and hold the door for her? Yeah, go ahead and call me a male chauvinist pig for wanting to hold the door for a lady with her hands full. Whatever. Pheh.


Jen said...

You can hold the door for me at church, Craver. By the way, I have to say your oldest son has definitely learned well from you. He's offered me help on a number of occasions. Thanks for raising him well.

Craver Vii said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jen. What a joy to know that my children practice what I preach. It’s always a privilege to serve you. I’ll pass along the encouragement to that son and Mrs. Craver.

L.L. Barkat said...

Well, it needn't even be a male/female thing. It's just nice to hold the door open for someone if you're the one who's ahead. Small courtesies, or lack thereof... sometimes I wonder if these are what eventually set the tone of society.

Craver Vii said...

There is a competitiveness as well as a self sufficiency that would be fine between men, but translates as rudeness if applied to women.

It's usually not a major deal to do the things we should do. Going by himself in the rain to bring the car to the curb, insisting on being the one to shovel snow, or take out the trash. It's not that women can't, but that a gentleman treats ladies with special honor.

Can men treat another man as better than himself? Sure. But I won’t stand when he comes to the table and scoot his chair in for him, or stand when he gets up to go to the bathroom, etc. That’s just weird.

Jennifer said...

Oh, chivalry. I sigh as I watch it pass by into oblivion. I think it's sad how few guys actually do, for example, hold or open a door for women--even great Christian guys I know!

It sounds like you and Mrs. C. are showing your son(s?) how it's done - awesome!!

Jen2 said...

This is what I'm talking about brethren !

It takes a much stronger man to yield to others.
Any weakling can be selfish and careless and competitive.

Where are the men that would run to the cross in order to give up his life for his brothers?
Self must die.

That, is a real man.

Jen2 said...

Hey, can a few more girls named Jennifer post a comment?

There aren't quite enough.

Jen2 said...

PS...S -
Craver you look like a guy from MN.
Are you related to a guy named Justin who is about 28 years old?

Craver Vii said...

j2, based on the Jens here, this world can not have too many. What a jenerous world that would be.

No close relation to Justin. Give my condolences to the poor guy. (lol)

I'm still waiting for hibbie (or anyone else at BBC) to figure out my connection with Craig Sturm.


Anonymous said...

When I was in grade 12, I once opened a door for a woman who then slapped me in the face and gave me a tongue lashing for "disempowering her" and some other craziness. Good thing I recovered from that! HA!

What's funny is how in winter, I often offer my arm to ladies in the icy church parking lot and they say "no, I'm okay" and then smatter to the ground in their sunday best because they're on 90 inch heels. Some ladies think "chivalry = flirting". Doh!

Craver Vii said...

No, no, no armchair! You can't offer the arm. That's like asking a girl to kiss you. Did you ever watch Hitch? You go 90% of the way, and if she trusts you not to embarrass her, she'll slip her hand through your elbow. But that's closer than I ever let a lady get to me unless she reeeeeallly oooooold.

Plus, the "How YOU doin?" a la Joey Tribbiani only works on Friends.

(In moments of weakness, I have only daydreamt of what I would do if I got a slap and a tongue-lashing for opening a door.)

Hey Bro, check this out. Here is how I help Mrs. Craver cross the icy parking lot.

Don't give up. And ladies, if a guy puts forth the effort to behave like a true gentleman, let him. It could brighten-up your day... and his.

Even So... said...

When I was in grade 12, I once opened a door for a woman who then slapped me in the face and gave me a tongue lashing for "disempowering her"

Imagine a non beleiver who got slapped this way, especially a kid, and perhpas one who was having a really bad day, was very angry, and decided to help someone instead of hurt someone, and then got slapped...then...

Well, if she was wanting to act like a man, I wonder if she would have been surprised to have him defend himself like a man, then perhaps she would have seen just how "empowered" she actually was...maybe she was karate Joe, I don't know, but for a women to talk about being empowered and slapping certain men is tantamount to "let's get ready to rrrruuuumbllleeee!"

Sorry, not very chivalrous, I know....Craver, I liked this post and the comments, and I do not at all advocate what I just painted here, what I am saying is that as we lose our civility, we don't actually realize how much we are losing, like this woman obviously has or had no clue about...

I liken this to people who say they want "justice" on someone in a self righteous way...God is going to give that other person justice, and you too...I don't want justice, I desrve hell, what I want is mercy...we all need mercy from one another, which is what this self proud, self sufficient, self deluded woman didn't realize...