Tuesday, December 12, 2006

favorite things

A friend said that his favorite aspect of Christmas is the incarnation itself. More than anything else, he enjoys knowing that God became a man and came to mankind. That’s quite a bit different from what many people think religion is about. For many, religion is about man’s attempt to reach God or even reach some form of godhood. But at Christmas, God comes to us in more than one way.
God comes to us in the sense that He actually takes on flesh, but he also comes to us in the sense that He has bridges the chasm separating us from His divine favor.

The image above is from the Lego Bible, illustrated by Rev. Brendan Powell Smith. He has a fun idea there with all those neat Bible story scenes, but his momma oughtta slap him for some of his crude images.


Anonymous said...

If he can do a Lego bible, I think I'll have my kids do an eco-bible. (Like I just posted last week, Jesus looked good as a little pebble in the pine needle creche, watched over by rhododendron Mary and Joseph!)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I googled "smarty pants" and ended up here. (heh heh)

Craver Vii said...

'Tis true. "Smarty Pants" was my birth name. I wasn't allowed to change my name until my folks left the circus, many years later. My sister's name was "Soggy." And now Google knows. Oh, the pain!

(laughing) That's a long way off from the incarnation.

L.L. Barkat said...

Perhaps not, Craver. Wasn't God a bit of a smarty pants to put the "father of eternity" into the form of an itty bitty son... one who made soggy diapers and all? :)

Al Hsu said...

The Lego Bible is amusing - I flipped through one of the Brick Testament published books a few years ago. My older son is into Lego right now (particularly the Lego Star Wars game and building spaceships out of Legos), but unfortunately the Brick Testament books aren't really appropriate for bedtime story reading!