Friday, June 22, 2007

can't stop

Just Journaling is leaving us. I will miss her. I still wish I could peek behind this mysterious person's mask to know her true identity. As she announced her departure, she wrote:
"Don't you ever take a break from all this? I'm sure everyone here would miss you but at the same time, they would truly understand."


My head tilted as I read that, as if the moderated perspective would help me understand the question better. I don't write anything to anyone on Sundays. Does that count?


I remember a similar sensation when I saw our old friend For Now... in a parking lot, and asked why she stopped blogging. I think she said it was "too much work." And did my... yes, I believe my head tilted the same way that time as well.


When I was little, and the teacher wanted someone to read aloud, I always raised my hand wishing, "Pick me! Pick me!" Maybe that has something to do with it; maybe it doesn't.


Dear friends, let me ask you something. When you see an empty podium, which side would you prefer to be on? I am drawn to the speaker's side. I wish I had something important to say or a dynamic way of saying something ordinary, just so I could be asked to step up to the microphone.


The bottom line: I can't not write. It's just how I'm wired.


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Martin Stickland said...

Have a nice weekend!

Martin Stickland said...

PS Sorry but I will send your pressie soon, things have been a bit mad here at the moment and I have not had a chnace to get to the Post Office!

Taliesin said...

Many people write/speak/etc. daily or weekly. I think you have a great pattern established. You "publish" regularly and what you have to say you say in an engaging way.

Galatians 6:9

Halfmom said...

I'm going to stand with Taliesin - you do have something to say and you always manage to engage people - even if it's from a computer instead of a podium. I've probably learned more about who you really are from blogging with you than I did in seeing you at church!

Lifelong Learner said...

Just Journaling- you'll be missed. It sounds like it all became more than "just journaling" for you? We enjoyed your perspective.

Craver, for me I started all of this as a way to keep our family in the states connected with our life here in Taiwan. But, it has become more than that, and I started entertaining-angels because of that. I think it is a form of journaling for gives my writing or blurbs a voice and perspective because I'm putting it out there for people to read, not just me. I think some great dialogue has taken place, thoughts have been put out there to be's been good.

I don't think I'd like the pulpit. Behind the scenes is a good place for me. :)I do envy people who can speak well in front of others. But I think we all would like to know our words might be able to bring about positive change. It's why I teach.

Keep journaling!

jazzycat said...

Would you call it a compulsion? to write that is....

Unknown said...

Craver, I'm afraid I relate a little with Just Journaling's comments.

At times, I become nearly obsessed with writing and reading blogs (and I'm totally with you about jumping up to that podium wanting to have something good to say).

Lately, it's felt like spending time on the computer would be sucking the life from me. I've got too many good books to read and people to hang out with and it's summer so there's great things to do in Chicagoland.

It's hard to balance the enjoyment of a forum of online friends and conversation and wanting to be out there doing something different.

Unknown said...

Hi Craver! Just thought I'd pop in and see what I've missed the last 4 days (been away camping).

We'll miss you JJ!

Jonathan Moorhead said...

I agree with Tali. Writing is very healthy and provides an interesting intellectual diary to look back on.

L.L. Barkat said...

It depends where the podium is...

Craver Vii said...

I need to try to remember my comments now. I wrote a response, and then assumed I had pasted it in, but when I looked again... PRESTO! The question is, did it vanish, or was it never there to begin with? Alzheimers runs in my family, so it's a safe bet that I just forgot to finish what I started.

Craver Vii said...

Compulsion? Maybe Jazz. I have this urge, not just for talking, but also for a healthy, robust interactive exchange of ideas, and blogging has a way of scratching the itch.

LL said, "It depends on where the podium is."
Wisely stated!

lorenzothellama said...

Much prefer to be this side of the podium and listen to what other people have to say. Enjoying writing much more.
Stacy: how do you entertain angels?

Just back from crossing half the Atlantic and I could certainly have done with an angel there.

Lifelong Learner said...


You have no idea! I think they probably see our family as an action/drama/adventure movie with a little comedy thrown in there to boot. I imagine thought, we're going to get a few swift kicks when we finally get up there, after all we put our guardian angels through. ha!

Anonymous said...

Craver -- I also can't not write. But the ebb and flow of my life causes me to be much less consistent than you've been here. I always appreciate your stories and perspective. I was always the hand-raised volunteer for read-alouds too. I have been trying to hold back a little though. Lately, I realize that other people have similar thoughts to the ones I want to express. And if I give them a chance, they'll say it better than I can.

Craver Vii said...

Charity, I'm glad you mentioned that. Sometimes I force myself to be patient and endure the painfully long pauses as other people think about things, and deliberate whether to share them out loud. Believe it or not, I taught Japanese on Sunday afternoon to a group of young adults. I asked several questions to the whole group, but there was one lady in particular I was hoping to hear from. I knew that she was valedictorian of her high school class, but guess how much she said... nuthin'. Once in a while, it takes a Simon-Peter to get things done.

Craver Vii said...

Oh, and Charity, I wonder how that must sound to a linguistic purist:
"I also can't not write."

Llama Momma said...

craver -- the key, I think, is to remember that not everyone is wired this way. Like you, i can't NOT write. The blog gives me instant gratification -- no waiting a pesky 6 months for an editor to get back to me on publication in a magazine that only twenty-five people read. (And pays me in copies!)

But, being good friends with FOR NOW, I know she is not wired this way. The blog was a stress instead of a method if de-stressing. For instance, if I tried quilting, it would cause me tremendous stress. For her, quilting helps her unwind.

Different strokes for different folks!

And, like all things, we must bring balance to our blogging. Blogs shouldn't be a substitute for face-to-face friendship. At times it is for me, and I have to make a point of filling up our social calendar and reminding myself that sitting at a keyboard by myself cannot be compared to coffee with a real, live friend!

Or, like today, a backyard full of little boys and water toys! Look out. Four five-year olds, four water shooters, two buckets of balloons, and -- of course -- the Amazing Spiderman Slip 'n Slide! Does it get any better?

Don't answer that...

spaghettipie said...

Late to the party, but have to agree I can't not write...although sometimes I have more time to do that than others. Sometimes my "writing" has to stay in my head for a time.

donsands said...

Good subject. We need to do what we are good at. It fills us with joy, and God's joy is our strength.

Like Sundance said to Butch Cassidy, "You just keep on thinking Butch, that's what you're good at"!

So you just keep on writing Craver, That's what you're good at.
It's God's means of encouragement. As well as stirring and building one another up in our faith and love.

david mcmahon said...

Good one, Mate,

I know what you mean and I'm on your side. I can't not write, just like you.

In the next 24 hours, I'll be posting something that deals with this issue and will mention this post of yours.

Keep in touch, buddy